11 Things Only Experienced Skiers Understand

experienced skierSeasoned skiers are an elite club. Whether you’ve been skiing as long as you’ve been walking, or you simply knew what you were doing the moment you hit the slopes, you’re a legend on the pistes.

Being part of this club allows you to see the slopes with fresh eyes. You notice things others would not. The good, the bad, the ugly – nothing is hidden.

You’re not alone! Here’s 11 things only experienced skiers understand.

Ski Boots Never Get Better

No matter how many times you head to the slopes, ski boots never get any better.

Where to start? First thing’s first – walking up stairs is impossible. The weird, astronaut-esc movement never seems to fully disappear, no matter how experienced you think you are.

But that’s not all! No matter how many times we wear them, they always feel uncomfortable.

Imagine the disappointment. You haven’t been skiing for a little while, but you’re finally here, ready to experience all the joys the powder and après-ski have in store. But – you’ve forgotten how uncomfortable ski boots are. Remembering you have to spend the day in them suddenly brings you down a peg or two.

Of course, you could avoid this by buying customised ski boots with insoles or even heaters. But, let’s be realistic, this seems like a step too far (pun intended).

Nothing beats the click of your boots into your skis, though.

It’s Not Always Cool

Okay, so no one assumes you look your best while skiing. But, it’s generally considered a ‘cool’ sport.

Whoever said that forgotten about goggle lines. And sunburnt noses.

You can try and style it out as much as you like, but we all know the truth.

The Pizza, French Fry Fiasco

These aren’t just staple features of a healthy diet. Rather, pizza and French fries is an infamous phrase heard many times while skiing.

You’re perfectly within your rights to roll your eyes if you hear this being shouted by some annoying people on the slopes.

Us experienced skiers are allowed to sneer at the phrase. We’ve earnt this privilege.

But, and it’s okay to admit this among friends, pizza and French fries has helped us get out of a few sticky situations. Let’s keep this on the down-low, though. We have a reputation to maintain.

Newcomers are the Worst

When you visit the slopes often, you’re faced with the trauma of meeting those on their first ski holiday.

Perhaps we shouldn’t look down on others. But, we can’t help but groan at the sight of a group of school children trying to work out which way is down. Among them is always a pocket-sized pro who will likely end up in the Winter Olympics one day.

Even worse are the newcomers who assume they know it all. They are uniquely irritating.

In the unfortunate circumstance you meet one of these fledgling skiers, it’s perfectly acceptable to spray them with snow.

The Thrills of Off-Piste

Once you go off-piste, you never really go back. This private member’s club is for the experienced only.

Sure, there are plenty of black runs to keep you adequately entertained. But, nothing can quite compare to the thrills of off-piste skiing. Experienced skiers love getting off the beaten track.

There’s something exciting about venturing where not many others have gone before.

Plus, the threat of avalanches or losing your skis in deep snow only adds to the fun.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of danger? If nothing else, it gets you away from the hordes of newbies. It’s just you, your squad, and the adrenaline rush.


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Never Skip Après-Ski

Experienced skiers have been to the slopes enough times to know that après-ski is often the best part of the day.

Seasoned skiers don’t do things by halves! Why would you miss out on the full experience because you’re worried about a headache the next day?

And yes, it’s possible to ski with a hangover. So, there’s no using that as an excuse.

People Sit Down Far Too Often

Why do people sit down so often on the slopes? This one goes for snowboarders in particular. Let’s add this to list of reasons why there’s a rivalry between skiers and snowboarders!

Fair enough, get yourself into all your gear. But, at least have the common courtesy to move to the side.

Once you start noticing how many people are sat down, it’s impossible to un-notice. It’s one of the top bug-bears among those of us who know what we’re doing.

There’s Always a Bit of Fear

No matter how experienced you are, you can’t deny the little bit of fear that goes hand in hand with the slopes.

There’s no shame in this! You’re merely a molehill compared to a mountain.

Particularly if it’s the first run of the year, skiing never loses its thrill.

The Coffee is Always Bad

First-time skiers may assume that overpriced, flavourless coffee is a one-off. But no, unfortunately not.

Mediocre coffee that you have to queue an hour for is an inescapable downside of a ski holiday. It’s an unfortunate reality.

The Chairlift Isn’t A Big Deal

You’ve probably seen far too many people moan about the chairlift. It doesn’t have to be quite so dramatic.

Many skiers seem to forget their feet are kept separate, so what’s all the fuss about?

Although, getting your skis tangled up with others on the chairlift is annoying. We can’t disagree with that.

The End of the Season is Heart-Breaking

For experienced skiers, the end of the ski season is a cause for tantrums on par with those which occur when someone runs over your skis in the lift queue.

Nobody wants to come home from a holiday. But, when your first love is the slopes, trading your ski gear for office wear seems like too much to handle.

There are many resorts open late into the year, though. This is great news for seasoned skiers who are greedy enough to demand more than one holiday a year.

Despite this, a truly experienced skier will be inconsolable when it comes to home time.

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