A few Hours in Friedrichshafen – A Year-Round Gem Not to Be Missed

It would be such a shame to plan a visit to the Alps at any time of the year and not consider stopping off for at least a day or two in one of the region’s stunning cities. So in this instance, we thought we’d introduce you to an absolute gem in the form of Friedrichshafen which is in our opinion at least one of the most underappreciated and gorgeously undiscovered jewels in Europe’s crown.


We offer transfers from Friedrichshafen International Airport to pretty much anywhere you need to get to for your skiing or boarding thrills, but take our advice when we say you should hang around a day or two first. You can get into the centre of town from the airport for a few euros and the journey takes a matter of minutes.

What’s amazing about Friedrichshafen is that it sits on the border of no less than three countries – Germany, Austria and Switzerland – all of which you can easy take trips into in no more than a couple of hours. There’s really no place like it for taking in a variety of cultures in a single day.

The town of Friedrichshafen itself was pretty much annihilated in the Second World War, so the majority of what can be seen today is modern. Nevertheless, the architecture is still striking and there are some truly unique buildings to marvel over, though of course the main draw of the town of Friedrichshafen is the world-famous Lake Constance.

On a clear day, you can see right into Switzerland, Austria and the Alps across the river – it’s really one of the most incredible sights when the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue.

Getting around is usually pretty easy as the public transport system in Friedrichshafen is great, though we’d advise you ditch the busses and the busy summer roads in favour of bike hire – it’s really an amazing place to cycle.

As far as things to do and places to visit, the Dornier Museum usually tops the table and was created with the theme of exploration and pioneering. It’s a rather huge place that spans for 5,000 square metres and has exhibits from land, seas and space to keep visitors inspired.

And of course there’s no forgetting the Zeppelin Museum – the largest of its kind in the world and the only one to sport a life-size recreation of a section of the Hindenburg, which is quite jaw-dropping.

Other than skiing in the nearby Alps, activities mostly revolve around making the best of the stunning outdoors. There are tons of canoeing, boating, climbing, hiking and cycling routes to take advantage of and most run for the entire summer season right up until the ski lifts start running in the late autumn.

However, if looking for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and willing to splash the cash, you can actually book to take a flight on a zeppelin and see the whole of the region for a totally unique perspective. Depending on the time of the year and the duration, prices for zeppelin flights begin from about 200 euros and go closer toward the thousand mark for luxury experiences.

Photo Source: friedrichshafen.de