Things that Seriously Annoy Skiers & Snowboarders on a Budget

Skiers & Snowboarders on a Budget

Why do the best things in life have to cost so much money?

Even for those of us who love winter sports (and let’s face it, we all do), it can’t be denied that it’s an expensive hobby.

If you’re in the mood for some ranting, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a list of all the things that seriously annoy skiers and snowboarders on a budget.

The Lift Pass Charge

With most holidays, once you’ve chosen the resort and booked your flights, you can relax.
Not with skiing! You still haven’t finished spending money yet, because you’ve forgotten about your lift pass.

In our expert opinion, we feel lift passes should be included in the price of the resort! Yes, sometimes they are – but only for the kid-infested little slopes.

Another bugbear with lift passes: they always seem to be in the wrong pocket. Why can’t you find them when you need them?

The queue is forming behind you, people have started tutting, and you’re still patting down every inch of your jacket – only to find it in your trousers.

We’d like to request a new lift pass system. Banish the over-priced piece of plastic!

Cost of Hunger Pangs

Nutrition is important for skiing and snowboarding!

However, when the hunger kicks in, it’s too expensive to eat, even when avoiding the flashy places. We’re not expecting a three-course meal, but surely a burger and fries shouldn’t break the bank!

Also, what’s with paying €5 for a mediocre cup of coffee? Outrageous!

Even those on a budget need to eat, though. Skiing works up an appetite! Surprisingly, taking a packed lunch with you to the slopes and eating it in the snow doesn’t appeal.

So, year after year, we’re forced to overpay just to control our grumbling stomachs.

The Price of Having Fun

After a full day on the slopes, the après-ski is calling your name.

But wait, this call comes with a price tag. One pint might not put a dent in your wallet, but for those of us who know how to party, it all adds up.

Of course, some might say there’s a simple solution to this problem: just don’t drink. But we’ll ignore them.

Why doesn’t happy hour last longer than an hour?

The Stingy Friend

Chances are, if you’ve been skiing with a large group, someone who doesn’t like to spend their own money will have tagged along.

When on a budget, you can’t be paying for someone else too. Perhaps they’re a wannabe ski bum and don’t want to spend any money in dedication to the cause. Or, maybe they’re just cheap.

Either way, annoying people like this should stay home.

Sky-High Ski Rental Prices

When renting your ski equipment, phrases like ‘boots not included’ become all too familiar.
Often, we’ll spot a reasonable price, only to discover it’s for one day’s rental. Some would be right in thinking skiers and snowboarders are suckers for punishment. The extra costs never seem to end!

Of course, there are ways to save money on your ski rental, but sometimes we can’t help but gasp at the prices.

Dealing with Jealousy

When on a budget, skiers and snowboarders have to make compromises.
The luxury accommodation is out of reach, so we convince ourselves that our camp bed is just as good.

Saying that, we always feel a stab of jealousy when we see a luxury Alpine chalet, complete with its own chef and spa.

Being on a budget comes with other sacrifices. All the nicest restaurants are out of bounds! Champagne on ice? Forget it!

It’s hard not to quietly despise the rich businessmen on a work ski trip. Envy is ugly, but it happens to the best of us.

Affordable Accommodation Woes

At some point, we’ve all had to grit our teeth and stay in a hostel.

If you’re on a budget, your ski accommodation will be a far cry away from a fancy hotel.
While hostels provide endless entertainment, with weird roommates, constant noise and strangers roaming the hallways – they can make us want to rip our hair out.

Sometimes, it would be nice to come home to something other than a room filled with ten others after a day on the slopes.

Over-Priced Transfers

After the flight, your travelling still isn’t done. You’ve still got the transfer to think about, and sometimes these can be pricey.

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