Battling Boredom on the Buses

While it would probably be fair to say that a good 99% of a trip to the French Alps is about as exciting as it gets, there’s a rather niggling 1% that most wish they could do without – that being the resort transfer. Not that they’re not entirely more pleasant than they used to be, but by the time a family has arrived on the tarmac after commuting to the airport back home and taking the flight over the water, chances are they’ve got far more pressing things on their mind than another three-hour bus ride.

That being said, there are really two ways you can look at the bus ride to your final destination. Is can either be the necessary evil that has parents biting their nails and kids screaming blue murder, or it can be made into an entirely more enjoyable part of the trip as a whole. And let’s face it, chances are that very few will argue with the latter as a preferable choice.

After all, you are on holiday!

Sleep it Off

If it’s even an option for you and your lot, there’s no better way of enjoying a transfer through the French Alps than by not being conscious at the time. As such, if the journey as a whole is going to entail any sleep deprivation, try to hold out until this stage before nodding off. You can also be proactive and do your level best to tire out the kids on the way, so that they fall asleep as soon as you get on the bus and don’t wake up until you’re ousted at Meribel. Pack a few comforts like inflatable pillows and you’re golden.

Sleeping-on-bus-Ski-Transfers-BlogSnap it Up

Not to take anything away from where you’re going, but there’s a pretty good chance that some of the most incredible scenery and idyllic landscapes you’ll see on your whole trip will be those flying by the bus windows. So, rather than gloomily waiting for the hours to tick by, why not load up on an extra memory card and get the whole family involved in taking some of the most impressive snapshots to gaze upon dreamily when you return home?

Alps-road-Ski-Transfers-BlogGet Cheeky

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re going, a foreign country is always a gold mine when it comes to spying some of the worst hairstyles and fashion choices ever to grace God’s green Earth. So, why not offer a prize or an incentive for the winner of a game of homemade mullet-bingo or something along similar lines, giving the kids temporary permission to poke fun at anyone the coach happens to drive past? Just be sure to exclude those on the coach, as you don’t want to go offending anyone.

travel-with-kids-Ski-Transfers-BlogMake Your Mates Jealous

The beginning of a jaunt to the Alps is always the most exciting and will likewise be the time that the folks back home are most jealous that you’re there and they aren’t. As such, what better time to make use of the cheap roaming deals you have (or the free Wi-Fi on the bus) than by taking selfies and generally bragging about how much fun you’re having for all at home to see? You might think you’re not that mean, but face it…we all are!

Taking-selfie-Ski-Transfers-BlogTech Box

Last but not least, always reserve enough battery-juice for your computer, phone or tablet PC so that if all else fails you can whack on a movie and create a sense of idyllic silence for the whole of the journey. Even if this means residing yourself to the in-flight movie on the way from the UK, it’s a small price to pay.

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