Be Safe on the Piste

In light of the recent tragedy, which saw a British Skier lose their life on the piste over the Christmas period, I cannot reiterate enough the significance of health and safety practices for all skiers out on the slopes. Whether you are a novice or an extremely experienced skier, a lack of awareness of your surroundings and failure to follow piste protocol and regulations can lead to serious accidents, and in the worst-case scenario fatality. This is a fact. The following short guide may seem to most of us a matter of common sense, but as proved by yearly statistics and detailed study into ski injuries, one often ignored. 

Basic Safety Tips

Always wear the correct ski safety equipment including a proper ski helmet and ski boots (Make sure they are appropriate and in acceptable condition). 

Always concentrate whilst getting on or off any kind of ski lift – paying particular attention to preventing any loose clothing, skis and poles getting caught up or stuck. 

Make sure to ski off to the side when getting off any kind of lift (seems obvious, but the number of times skiers are hit by the following lift and its accompanying skiers is remarkably high). 

Always check your piste map to be certain that it is one that matches your ability/standard etc.

Make sure to check that there is in fact a lift back to where you want to be (seems obvious to us all I know, but this again is often overlooked by many skiers, you would be surprised). 

On the piste always remain in control avoiding other skiers and objects and make sure you are able to stop (remember those skiers ahead of you always have right of way).

Don’t drink too much alcohol when stopping for lunch. Whilst on the slopes it is always safer to drink as carefully as you would do if you were actually driving. 

Inevitably, the reporting of serious ski injuries can give the impression that skiing is a dangerous sport, and that is probably what a large number of people think. In truth, the figures show that compared with other high-energy sports, it isn’t.  So if you are new to skiing or thinking of trying it please don’t be put off by any notions of danger. It’s simple, if you follow the above advice you will have a thoroughly exciting and fun time. Enjoy!