The 15 Booziest Ski Resorts in the Alps

15 booziest ski resorts in the Alps

The title of ‘booziest resort in the Alps’ is the probably one of highest awards in the ski community.

While most people claim they’ve hit the slopes for the enjoyment of skiing, we stick to our belief that the best part of the day is the après-ski. Can you really blame us?

If you’re planning your ski-holiday around its bars and clubs, you’ve come to the right place.

To try and help you decide where to go, we’ve put together our list of the booziest resorts in the Alps.

15. Verbier, Switzerland

Verbier has something different to offer every night of the week!

While we can’t promise you’ll escape the usual wannabe experts or grumpy seasonaires, we can promise you’ll have a good time at après-ski.

From champagne on ice to fist-pumping, the nightlife here will not disappoint!

14. Obertauern, Austria

Obertauern is known for being ‘family-friendly’.

However, how many resorts make this claim?

What’s less known about Obertauern is it’s great for après-ski. The resort is dotted with countless bars and pubs that are sure to satisfy your thirst.

Obertauern really understands that all you need after a day’s skiing is a drink!

13. Courmayeur, Italy

Uncrowded slopes but busy nightlife? Is this possible?

In Courmayeur it is!

Courmayeur may not be famous for its après-ski, but it should be. The bars and restaurants here will see you staggering back to your accommodation most nights.

Drinks with dinner isn’t optional, it’s a given.

12. Mayrhofen, Austria

If you’re looking for a great night without breaking the bank, look no further.

The beers are 3.50€ each, the après-ski is lively, and a live band is always playing.

What’s not to like?

11. Val d’Isere, France

When the pints stop, bring out the shots! Val d’Isere has something for everyone.

The range of bars and clubs has enough to keep you partying for months! In the unlikely event that you’re seeking a quiet night – you’ll find something suitable too.

For those craving the full après experience, Val d’Isere has your back!

The music starts early and finishes late, and is sure to leave your ears ringing.

Good luck getting down the mountain again!

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10. Saalbach, Austria

Saalbach is known as one of the top resorts for après-ski, and it definitely lives up to this title.

It’s hard to know when the après finishes, and the early hours begin!

At Saalbach, there’s so much choice you won’t be able to fit all the nightlife options into your holiday.

Well, unless you go club-crawling, which is highly advisable.

9. St Anton, Austria

It’s safe to say that St Anton’s bars and clubs made the resort what it is today. St Anton has been famous for its nightlife since the 1960s, which suits us just fine.

They sure know how to party!

The resort comes complete with its own ‘strip’, with plenty of après-ski bars located between Galzig and St Anton. Think Magaluf, but on ice!

The atmosphere is lively, the drinks constantly flowing, and the food tastes great!

For us, this one ticks all the boxes.

8. Chamonix, France

Before you even make your way to the bars, they’ll be open.

Chamonix has everything you could think of. With nightclubs, gay bars, dancing on tables and diverse music, this resort has every element you need for a good night out.

Fancy staying out until 6am? No problem!

The bars get busier as the night gets later (or earlier, depending on how you look at it).

7. Val Thorens, France

Fancy visiting the ‘highest party town in the alps’? Of course you do.

Val Thorens might be considered a poor-man’s Courchevel, but if you’re looking for a place to get wasted, this is it.

Not only is it cheaper to get drunk, but at the high altitude – the drinks will hit you quicker. That’s what we call a win-win!

A laidback, happy atmosphere is infectious. Luckily, Val Thorens has exactly that. Its range of bars and clubs shouldn’t disappoint either.

Drinks Neon Sign - Booziest Ski Resorts

6. Ischgl, Austria

Every year, Ischgl kicks off the ski-season in style. To celebrate the opening of the slopes, and then to mark the end of the season, Ischgl holds a ‘Top of the Mountain’ concert.

We love a resort that knows how to put on a show!

However, it’s not a one-trip pony either.

All year long, the fun doesn’t end when you leave the snow. In fact, quite the opposite happens.

The sheer number of nightlife options is impressive to say the least. Many of the bars are open for twelve hours a day, which is totally fine by us! Hair of the dog anyone?

5. Zermatt, Switzerland

Away from its stunning views and snowy slopes, Zermatt is a fantastic night out.
You won’t forget the nightlife here!

You’ll be partying along with the locals in one of Zermatt’s 60 bars and many nightclubs, and they’re sure to show you a good time.

Try dancing on top of a barrel! Our advice: maybe only after one or two drinks.

Be warned though, Zermatt is far from cheap – this is a resort to head to if you’ve got a bit of cash to burn!

4. Courchevel, France

Courchevel is part of the world’s largest linked ski area – the Three Valleys. So, it won’t let you down in the booze department. When you hit Courchevel, you’re spoilt for choice!

There are some seriously impressive bars and clubs in Courchevel! From themed après- ski to cocktail hours, you’ll find something for even the fussiest drinker in your group.

A word of advice: try not to over-do it on the first night out, skiing with a hangover is definitely not recommended. Save your big blowout for your final night at the resort!

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3. Méribel, France

Of course, if we’re talking about Courchevel, we had to mention its neighbour – Méribel. There’s a good reason why this resort is so popular! Also located in the Three Valleys, Méribel is will guarantee a heavy night out (or three).

Don’t be put off by its ‘family-friendly’ reputation. Méribel is a favourite for stag-dos and uni trips!

You won’t be surrounded by small children on the dancefloor. We can’t promise anything about the slopes though.

The array of bars and nightclubs is sure to keep you more than satisfied!

The après-ski offerings includes live music every day, fancy dress, and best of all – affordable drinks. The partying starts at around 3pm and continues well into the early hours.

2. Livigno, Italy

Livigno has around 150 bars. Say no more! It would be almost impossible to be unsatisfied with the nightlife!

But wait, there’s more!

Livigno’s best feature? Not the mountain views, traffic-free centre or the exceptional Italian cuisine (although all of these would be headline stealing at other resorts).

No, the best thing about Livigno is its tax-free status!

Let us spell it out for you… cheap alcohol!!!

There are plenty of ways to save money on your ski holiday, but none quite as fun as a tax ban.

Fancy enjoying duty free booze in one of Livigno’s infamous bars? We’re assuming the answer is yes.

1. Kitzbuhel, Austria

Kitzbuhel quite possibly has the most diverse selection of après-ski on this list.

Your post-slopes fun could involve tea and cake. Or, you could find yourself dancing on a table to a live band.

While we’re fairly confident of your choice- it’s up to you!

Kitzbuhel is known for infamous après-ski, that often includes traditional dancing. Not to mention the casinos and karaoke!

Also, the beer is cheap. Tempted yet?

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