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The Idiot’s Handbook to Off-Piste Skiing

The Idiot's Handbook to Off-Piste Skiing

Adrenaline junkie? Fancy pushing your skills to the limit? Or are you simply bored of the same old slopes? Luckily for you, someone out there invented off-piste skiing. Why stick to the regular slopes when you could go off the beaten track? Apparently, this mode of skiing is a bit tougher than your average red run. So, there are a few things to watch out for when swapping the well-groomed pistes for tough terrain. But, some people still choose to

Sacrifice to Ski: How to Afford a Skiing Holiday on a Low Income

skiing holiday low income

Desperate to head to the slopes? Not sure how to get the cash together? The best things in life cost money, ski holidays included. When it comes to skiing, the only thing standing in the way of you and the pistes is the price tag. But, there are some ways around this! We’ve made it our mission to ensure you can hit the slopes without breaking your budget. Here’s how to afford a skiing holiday on a low income. Lifestyle

The 10 Commandments of the Ski Season

ski commandments

Skiing isn’t all about pints and pistes, there are a few deadly sins to avoid. With so many annoying people on the slopes and petty crimes committed, it’s time to set out some ground rules. We’re not a stickler for law and order, but enough is enough. These are the 10 commandments of the ski season. After all, someone’s got to keep the slopes in check – shame it had to be us! Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Skis,

The Skier’s Handbook for Powder Playlists

powder playlists for skiers

Forget singing in the shower. Singing on the slopes is our new favourite pastime. Where better to belt out your favourite songs than on the slopes? You might not be popular with other skiers, but who cares? Fun fact: you definitely sound great. The only problem: what should you listen to? Somehow, Spotify’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ playlist doesn’t quite cut it. We’re here to help! We’ve been to the slopes enough times to know what gets you pumped for the mountains.

Why Skiing Doesn’t Have to Be a Rich Person’s Sport

skiing not rich

Heli-skiing, luxury chalets, celebrity followings – it’s unsurprising skiing has a pricey reputation. But, is this reputation somewhat unfair? Sometimes, looks can be deceiving. With plenty of booze, pizza and French fries, skiing isn’t all about overpriced coffee and expensive lift passes. Here’s why skiing doesn’t have to be a rich person’s sport. Skiing Has a Huge Following Skiing has a large fan-base, simple as that. If it’s a sport only reserved for the very rich, why are programmes like

Most Instagrammable Ski Resorts in the Alps

Most Instagrammable Ski Resorts Alps

Fun fact: Instagram loves a ski resort! Call us shallow, but it can’t be denied that everyone enjoys seeing the number of likes on their picture creeping up. Insider tip: never forget the hashtags. Whether you fancy yourself an amateur photographer, or you want to combine your love of scenery with skiing, we’ve got you covered. Here are the most Instagrammable ski resorts in the Alps.   Courchevel, France One of France’s ski resort heavyweights, Courchevel has earnt its status.

11 Things Only Experienced Skiers Understand

Seasoned skiers are an elite club. Whether you’ve been skiing as long as you’ve been walking, or you simply knew what you were doing the moment you hit the slopes, you’re a legend on the pistes. Being part of this club allows you to see the slopes with fresh eyes. You notice things others would not. The good, the bad, the ugly – nothing is hidden. You’re not alone! Here’s 11 things only experienced skiers understand. Ski Boots Never Get

How to Ski with a Hangover

apres ski

If you’re anything like us, at some point in your ski holiday (if not every morning), you’ll have to deal with a hangover. You might be able to blame your behaviour from the night before on the altitude. But, excuses won’t help you in the morning. Fear not! Here’s how to ski with a hangover. Tried and Tested Hangover Cures So, it’s the morning after the night before. You’ve woken up on the floor next to your bed, or in

11 Must-Visit 2018 Ski Festivals

ski festivals

Love festivals but hate sleeping in a tent? Without doubt, ski festivals are the best of both worlds. Ski during the day, and glide straight into a concert after your last run. For those who can’t wait to trade their muddy wellies for mountains, here are 11 must-visit 2018 ski festivals. Remember – drinking hits you harder at high altitudes. We consider this more of a challenge than a warning. 11. Zermatt Unplugged, Switzerland (10th – 14th April) At Zermatt

Craziest Ski Accessories in the World Right Now

craziest ski accessories

There’s a world of ski accessories out there. From the good, to the bad, to the abysmally ugly. Too many skiers are afraid to stand out, or try something a little different. To help you find your individuality on the slopes, here’s our list of the craziest ski accessories in the world right now. Get Ahead on the Slopes While helmets do an honourable job at protecting our heads when we face plant into the snow, it’s safe to say

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