How to Convince Your Boss to Pay for a Company Ski Trip

work ski trip

Lacking office morale? Or do you just fancy a free ski holiday?

Luckily, someone out there invented the company ski trip and we couldn’t be happier about that.

But, it can be tough to get the boss on board! Since you can’t go without them or the company credit card, it’s time to use your powers of persuasion.

Here’s how to convince your boss to pay for a company ski trip.

Set the Office a Target

In this world, everything has a price. So, name yours!

With a ski trip up for grabs, think big. You’re trying to keep the boss sweet, so promise them something they can’t ignore.

How does landing that new client sound? Or if you’re a small company, why not aim for financial target – how does £1 million turnover sound?

Who could possibly refuse?

Think of the Team Building

A company ski holiday is the perfect excuse for some team building!

Sometimes, a trip to the pub on a Friday just doesn’t cut it. How many times can you go to your local?

Ski trips will provide you with the change of scenery everyone is looking for!

Another bonus? Après-ski is a great chance to coax any shy colleagues out of their shell. From the slopes to the bar, the opportunities to get to know the people you work with are endless.

Remember to play this up your boss. Skiing brings everyone together! Good relationships mean better business, after all.

Talk of the Après-Ski

Après-ski is like the ultimate work night out, but ten times better.

Plus, if you can show your boss you can master skiing with a hangover, they’ll see you as an invaluable member of the team.

If nothing else, it will give you some great stories to share in the office.


apres ski

Work Hard Play Hard

No matter how much you love your job, everyone could do with a morale boost every now and again.

Tell the boss you need something to look forward to on a grey Monday morning! You’ll return from the trip feeling refreshed and livelier than ever before (once the hangover has worn off).

With a world-class team like yours, how could the boss not be convinced to take you skiing? The benefits very much outweigh the costs on this one.

Nominate Someone Else to Organise It

When trying to convince the boss to take you skiing, butter them up. Offer to do all the legwork!

If they don’t have to organise it themselves, the offer might sound much more appealing. At the end of the day, all you need is their credit card.

No one wants to be the designated organiser! So, if you’re not sure where to start, here’s some tips for organising a corporate ski trip:

  • Book early
  • Choose the resort carefully (think booze!)
  • Set a budget
  • Pick a date and stick to it (anyone who’s dithering should be dropped)

Alternatively, ignore all of this and nominate someone else to do it. People from HR are good at organisation, right?


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Big Up Their Skills

If your boss has been skiing before, you’re in luck. If the pistes are their second home, even better.

Give them a chance to show off! It’s a known fact that the boss likes being the best at everything.

Tell them you can’t wait to see their technique and you’re sure you have a lot to learn from their slope skills. Even if you’re nearly at a professional standard, lie. There’s a ski holiday hanging in the balance!

Network Like a Boss

A ski trip is the ultimate chance to mix business and pleasure.

Trying to woo a potential client? Take them skiing. Want the chance to mingle with some new business associates? You’ll find plenty of others on a corporate ski trip!

If everyone else is doing it, how can the boss say no?

It’s a Chance to Feel Valued

Play the ‘guilt-trip’ card. When it comes to ski holidays, there’s no such thing as going too low.

Tell your boss it’s a chance for them to show every member of the time that they’re valued. While you’re always motivated and love working at this company, a company holiday wouldn’t hurt.

Do Your Research

You stand a much better chance of getting the answer you want if you sound informed.

Don’t simply say ‘let’s go skiing’, you’re smarter than that. Be convincing!

Think of it as an important presentation to a client. Vague statements are a no-go.


If our advice helps, and the boss says yes, celebrate. After that, make sure you know how you’re getting to the slopes. Luckily, we can help you with that. Simply enter your details and we’ll show you the best deals around. Find your low-cost transfer here!