Craziest Ski Accessories in the World Right Now

craziest ski accessories

There’s a world of ski accessories out there. From the good, to the bad, to the abysmally ugly.

Too many skiers are afraid to stand out, or try something a little different.

To help you find your individuality on the slopes, here’s our list of the craziest ski accessories in the world right now.

Get Ahead on the Slopes

While helmets do an honourable job at protecting our heads when we face plant into the snow, it’s safe to say they’re boring to look at. Why not take them to the next level?

You might think only the most annoying skiers would wear a helmet cover. But you’re wrong! Although pointless, helmet covers are a great way to stand out on the slopes. You’ll never get lost in the crowd!

Mental Gear offer a variety of hats and helmet covers to help you look ridiculous. Fancy being a Viking? Ever seen a dragon hurtle down the slopes? All your helmet dreams can be realised!

Protect your Prize Possession

What’s a huge problem facing skiers today? Your phone getting too cold and therefore losing battery power quicker. Seriously, it’s become an epidemic.

But fear not! The Phoozy is a thermal capsule to protect your phone from harsh temperatures. If you’re well insulated, why shouldn’t your phone be?

Great news for any vain skiers who love posting videos of themselves performing mediocre tricks on social media! You’ll be safe in the knowledge your phone will be protected from the elements.

The Bumsaver

Protecting your derrière has to be high on your list of priorities!

The Bumsaver does exactly what it says on the tin.

If you’re prone to landing flat on your backside, you’re in luck. The Triple 8 Bumsaver offers a foam cushion for your precious buttocks.

We must warn you though, it won’t do anything to save your dignity!

Some skiers may turn their noses up at extra padding on the slopes. We don’t really blame them. This isn’t exactly the most stylish accessory.

Throw the Perfect Snowball

Snowball fights with your buddies are a must for ski holidays! But no one likes getting post-snowball cold, wet hands.

It’s not cool guys! All we want is to smash a friend in the face with a lump of snow and we have to spend the rest of the day with frozen numb fingers.

Worry not!

This most pressing of issues has finally been resolved. The Snofling helps skiers throw snowballs further than ever – without the need for cold hands.

Those drunken snowball fights while stumbling home from the bar will never be the same again!


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All in One

When people talk about ‘the good old days’, they rarely reminisce about one-piece vintage ski suits. We’d like to change this.

These days, skiers seem to have forgotten the joys of an all in one ski suit. Think of it as a onesie for the slopes. What’s not to love?

These are more stylish than your average ski outfit. Plus, no one else will be wearing one. Don’t be a sheep!

Bearded Skiing

Ski masks just reached a new level. What better way to keep your face warm than with a beard?

Beardski offer a range of ski masks to help you become the envy of everyone else at your resort. With different lengths, colours and styles, you’re sure to find a beard to suit you.

Best Foot Forward

Why are ski socks always so boring? There should be a stylish option for keeping your feet warm.

Luckily, Absolute Snow offers some seriously interesting sock styles to help you beat the snowy air.

It’s irrelevant whether anyone will be able to see them. Shove your alien-printed ski socks into your boots with pride!

Cold Beer, Warm Hands

So, you’ve reached après-ski. But, there’s a problem. You can’t hold your beer with your skiing gloves! Your options are either to get cold hands, or not to drink (come on, as if that’s even a choice).

Not anymore! With the Handskie, you can keep your hands warm even when holding a beer.

This is the perfect solution for those of us who love to drink without cold fingers. Let’s face it, this is a clear win-win.


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