Discover why everyone should line up for Zakopane holidays

Zakopane is best known for being the winter capital of Poland. Sure thing it’s popular for tourists but who would have thought that it’s that popular! On top of being the most famous ski resort in Poland, the town also awards each visitor with legendary & culinary treats from the finest Zakopane restaurants! Oh, but there’s more – the contents of Zakopane nightlife will blow you away with its diversity. Anyhow, you certainly have come to the right place if you’re after some word of advice on best Zakopane restaurants & nightlife! Continue reading our guide and uncover the best places in town!


Local delights from 5 finest Zakopane restaurants

One thing is certain, that every Zakopane restaurant who claims to offer traditional cuisine, will have smoked cheese, or as they like to call it – Oscypek, in their menu.































































































































Here are TOP 5 places which are worth dining in:

  1. Casa Mia Restaurant many times has been rated as Nr.1 Zakopane restaurant. Delicious food and private atmosphere thereby making it a great place to eat for couples or families for lunch & dinner;
  2. While in Marzanna presents a great domestic cuisine from potato pancakes & dumplings to schnitzels and more;
  3. If you’re a large family trying to find the best place then head out to Ristorante – Pizzeria Cristina as this Zakopane restaurant accommodates large parties while offering probably the best pizza in town;
  4. Yet in Karczma Sopa you’ll find traditional highlander food & music in a typical Zakopane cottage. Yummy soups, spinach pancakes, ribs, shashlik, holionka…The list goes on and on;
  5. Bakowo Zohylina Niznio is a mountain style restaurant with a spectacular open fire in the middle & folk songs in the background!





























































A perfect way to spend the evening in Zakopane is finishing it off by getting-together & rocking the bash out of Zakopane nightlife!


TOP 4 places worth visiting from Zakopane nightlife

Zakopane nightlife easily can slam even the biggest party towns! Let’s start with listing some of the most popular bars & clubs in Zakopane.

























































































































































The opening of the night typically starts at Krupowki Street:

  1. Jagoda is probably the best place for families as the bar offers wide range of desserts and homemade cakes & chocolate for sweet-lovers, at the same time having the option of tasting some delicious cocktails;
  2. While Nietota no-doubt is great to grab a beer;
  3. Dworzec Tatrzanski is not only the best in Zakopane but also the best in Poland! During the day it’s a lounge area offering organic cocktails, while at the evening it breaks free and hands down the best party till dawn;
  4. Va Va Voom is quite a new place but they sure seem to hit definition of what is a sophisticated party! It’s a two-floor venue with balconies and private seating areas close to the hot-points such as the Dj stage & private bars!

It’s really important to master how to experience Zakopane and everything that comes with it. Correct venue choice will either make or break your night! Of course, the busiest peak time is the winter as streets are packed, but the summer is also magical. Either way from tiny parties to large events or from homemade cakes to yummy highlander food, Zakopane holidays will keep you entertained!




















































































Fancy visiting Zakopane? The town is just under 2 hours away from Krakow. For more information on airport transfers click here and enjoy Zakopane holidays which are just around the corner!