Do you get a fair ski deal?

Not sure if you guys have seen this press release about commission on ski passes and ski equipment hire. I am not surprised but it takes the biscuit to turn ripping off customers into a PR opportunity:

“…… The new “Fair Deal Price Policy” effectively means that Ski Power has given the commission the company earns on Ski Passes and Equipment Hire back to the customer at the point of sale for all its holidays throughout the 2010/11 season……

This move has allowed Ski Power to offer all its 2010/11 holidays at prices below that of the 2009/10 season – with guests being able to save as much as £200 per person year-on-year.  All that is asked is for guests to book their Ski Pass and Equipment hire through Ski Power……”

This makes me lough. I wonder how they are going to make their money back? Or may be on a less cynical note, may be the ski holiday industry start offering fair commission free deals, something we have done here on Ski Transfer Finder from day one.

Anyway, I truely hope that the current economical climate forces more ski holiday operators to do the same thing. Cut out the middlemen and commissions where possible including airport transfers, ski accommodation, ski hire and ski passes.