Fabulous Ax Les Thermes restaurants – a great addition to your ski holidays!

The beautiful spa village Ax Les Thermes is a popular tourist destination, and it has been like that for quite some time now! Alongside nearly 60 hot springs in the city, it’s also a great destination for vivid skiing in the snow covered mountains! Though the bustle does not just stop when you’re not on the mountain anymore does it? For that reason, to uncover the dining pearls under all that skiing, we’ll present some favourites of the Ax Les Thermes restaurants!


From tapas till classic French cuisine – choose your preference!

Such high spectrum to choose from! Find the best Ax Les Thermes restaurants everywhere – on the mountain, in the resort, or perhaps outside the town! The following eateries are the most visited French classics in the village:

  • Ax Les Thermes restaurant Le Tetras in Saquet is located at 2030 m altitude, which only is advancing the spectacular views on the terrace. Great place for lunch or even for just ski-break snacks & tapas;
  • A bit more expensive, though definitely worth a visit is Le Louzat with its traditional French cuisine in the front. Lovely wood burning stove and on and off parties during ski season will make you remember this place and come back;
  • Down in the city you’ll find Couteaux Fourchettes, which rankings are quite high in comparison to other Ax Les Thermes restaurants. Splendid French food at affordable price! What else to add? Oh right, the selection of wine is really something. This is the place for incredible dining experience!


It’s the form and the content that equally matters – not just the content! That is why do not take off before holding a meal in a proper old-fashioned French style! Good thing that all the listed Ax Les Thermes restaurants have that & they serve delicious food! But what about drinks you’ll probably ask? Continue on reading to find out the best evening places for some refreshments!

Ax Les Thermes nightlife will entertain you till late!

In terms of Ax Les Thermes nightlife they sure seem to offer a variety of entertainment! What a great moment to tune in your party mood! Here’s our favourite places in the village:

  • Le Grand Café is a great après-ski place offering delicious drinks & food including desserts! This is quite a laid-back venue where to catch up with the ski stories with your fellow-travelers;
  • Meanwhile arguably the best cocktails in town is at Le Vieux Four! Open 7 days a week, the place has a nice chill-out atmosphere – like that atmosphere which everybody is looking for but never know where to find it;
  • Finally, Casino JOA is for those who wish to try out their luck! Even if you’re not into table games, enjoy drinks at the bar instead then!


Take the most of the pleasant Ax Les Thermes holiday as the village has its own charm and mountain aura! Among the various fountains, old streets, the small river floating through the town and hot springs where at places the water heats up till 77°, there’s also plenty of high-quality Ax Les Thermes restaurants serving outstanding dishes! Besides, Ax Les Thermes nightlife has plenty of more attractions to offer. Rendez-vous à Ax Les Thermes!


Which are your favorite Ax Les Thermes restaurants & bars? Share your preferred eateries to support the other travelers, which are heading out to Ax Les Thermes for an unforgettable ski experience!