How to Find a Cheap Ski Transfer

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If you’re looking to save money on your ski holiday, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help. From booking your skis online to finding the right accommodation – there are plenty of handy cost cutting tips for skiers. Having said this, we often see the transfer neglected in these discussions. Thankfully, we’re on hand to help. We’ve got some insider tips to help you find a cheap ski transfer.

Pick a Short Transfer

It makes absolute sense. The shorter the route you’re taking, the cheaper your transfer is likely to be. If you’re looking to cut costs on your ski holiday, don’t just look at the cheapest resorts but also what it’s going to cost to get you there. There’s no point saving a bit of money on your accommodation if your transfer journey’s likely to cost double.

For instance, a transfer from Geneva Airport to Chamonix will take approximately 1 hour. This is likely to be significantly cheaper than a transfer from Geneva Airport to Les Deux Alpes which will take you nearly 3 hours.

Destination Airport

It’s worth finding out where each transfer operator is based. For example, if you’re flying into Bergamo airport – an operator based nearby is likely to be cheaper than one which has to drive from Milan Malpensa before picking you up.

Travel in a Group

Transfer costs are usually increased if you’re travelling with a large group. Having said this, it’s usually cheaper when you divide the final total by the number of people you’re journeying with. Airport transfers are often most expensive when you’re on your own or in a couple.

Share Your Transfer

Some transfer operators will offer shared transfers. This means you’ll share your journey with other passengers. They may join you for the entirety of the trip or stop off at another resort on the way. These are often far cheaper than private transfers and recommended if you’re travelling alone or as a couple.

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Book a Midweek Transfer

Most ski holidays start and end at the weekend. This means Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest times for transfer companies while midweek tends to be quieter. If you can travel midweek, your transfer cost is going to be significantly less than it would be at the weekend.

Many transfer operators offer large discounts to entice people to travel midweek.

Book Off-Season

If you book your ski holiday for peak times like February half-term or the Christmas break, you’re going to pay a lot for your transfer. Transfer fleets are likely to be at maximum capacity and this will gave a knock-on effect on the price you pay.

Booking your holiday before or after the peak ski-season will significantly alter your quoted price.

Other Cost Factors to Consider

It’s worth taking into consideration other factors that may affect costs. Here are some of the most common:

  • Road toll charges
  • Airport parking charges
  • Resort accessibility
  • Vehicle availability
  • Transfer schedule
  • Special requirements e.g. excessive luggage

Search for Discounts

Transfer operators offer discounts too. These can be related to the specifications of your journey, time of year or marketing activities. As with any purchase, it’s worth looking to see whether you can find a discount before you commit to paying full price.

Shop Around

Don’t just look at one transfer provider. It’s important to shop around and find the best deal. Compare quotes and book a ski transfer which fits you (and your budget).

Here at Ski Transfer Finder, we offer a free portal which allows you to compare the different quotes for your journey. There are no hidden fees and all operators we work with are registered, licenced and fully verified.

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