Flying with Skis: Cost Guide for the 2017/18 Season

Airport Baggage Area - Flying wish Skis Cost Guide

So, you’re no stranger to hitting the slopes come winter. This time, you’ve taken the step to buying your own skis and you can’t wait to get out on the snow. But wait, it’s not that simple. You’ve got to get your equipment to the resort! What’s the cost of flying with skis? This varies from airline to airline – and if you don’t plan ahead, you’ll get stung. Here’s our ski equipment flight carriage cost guide for the 2017/18 season.

Note: Some airlines will accept ski equipment instead of baggage with no extra charge. This sounds like a great deal but let’s face it, we all take baggage with us on a ski holiday. In these instances, we’ve listed the additional charge of travelling with both baggage and ski equipment.

All prices mentioned below are for flights to and from your destination.

EasyJet – €84

If you’re flying with EasyJet to the Alps, you’re looking at a charge of €84 per person per ski equipment set. If you don’t pre-book this online, you’ll have to pay up to €112 per person.

RyanAir – €80

Flying your ski equipment with RyanAir will cost you €80 per person if you book online. Booking at the airport will incur an additional €10 charge.

British Airways – €140

British Airways allows you to take skis for free as part of your baggage allowance. Unfortunately, most people will be travelling with skis and a piece of hold baggage. If you need to purchase additional baggage this will cost you:

  • €92 if travelling from London Stansted or London Gatwick when booked online
  • €100 if travelling from London Stansted or London Gatwick when booked at the airport
  • €140 if travelling from any other airport when booked online
  • €150 if travelling from any other airport when booked at the airport

Flybe – €80

It will cost you €80 per person to fly with ski equipment with Flybe. There are only a limited number of spaces for this on each flight so be sure to book your equipment in early.

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Thomson – €17 Per kg

You can take ski equipment as part of your baggage allowance. If you need to go over this, you’ll be charged:

  • €17 per kg (per flight) for short haul flights
  • €19 per kg (per flight) for long haul flights

Jet2 – €77

All ski equipment is subject to a €77 charge per person – this gives each passenger an addition 22kg for their baggage.

Aer Lingus – €80

Aer Lingus will charge you €80 per person if you book online. This will rise to €100 if paid on the day.

Air France – Additional Baggage Charge

If you’ve booked your flight with Air France, you’ll need to purchase additional baggage for your skis. The cost of this additional charge will vary based destination of your flight and size/weight of your additional items.

Lufthansa – €100

Lufthansa charge an additional €100 per person for your ski equipment – this can be packaged in a maximum of 2 bags/containers.

Alitalia – €120

Alitalia charge a standard excess baggage fee for flying with your skis. This comes to €120 per person if flying to in Europe. Intercontinental prices vary.

Eurowings – No Additional Charge

Subject to availability, Eurowings will not charge you to fly with your ski equipment.

Austrian Airlines – €100

Austrian Airlines will not accept ski equipment if it isn’t booked in advance. Flying with ski equipment and your standard baggage will cost €100 per person.

Swiss Airlines – No Additional Charge

Swiss Airlines allow you to travel with your first set of ski equipment for free. Any additional pieces will cost €100 per person.

Plane Flying Over Italian Alps

Brussels Airlines – No Additional Charge

You can fly with one set of ski equipment for free with Brussels Airlines.

Iberia – €90

An additional fee of €90 per person is charged by Iberia to fly with your skis, regardless of baggage allowance.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – €50

The cost of flying with skis with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will vary depending on your journey details. Prices start at approximately €50 per person when booked in advance and €70 when booked at the airport. You can find out the exact price flying with skis will cost you with KLM’s baggage calculator.

Transavia – €58

Transavia have a blanket charge of €58 per person per to fly with any winter sports equipment set.

Condor – €89.98

Condor’s offer a simple cost structure to those flying to/from the Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal:

  • €79.98 per person early bird discount rate
  • €89.98 per person standard price
  • €120.02 per person additional charge if items are not registered in advance

Prices for flying ski equipment from other countries will vary.

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Fly BMI – €120

Sports equipment is charged at a rate of €120 per person by Fly BMI.

Air Europa – €100

You can fly with your skis for free as part of your baggage allowance. If you need excess baggage, this will cost you €100 per person.

Note: Excess baggage is not allowed on all Air Europa flights.

Berlin Airlines – €100

Ski equipment is subject to a €100 per person charge when flying with Air Berlin. Those with an Economy Flex ticket can fly their skis for free.

Vueling Airlines – From €70

Vueling Airlines charges from €70 per person for ski luggage. This may vary based on the circumstances of your journey.

Czech Airlines – €50

If you need to book excess baggage for your skis, Czech Airlines will charge you:

  • €50 per additional bag if booked 36 hours or earlier before departure
  • €70 per additional bag if booked 36 hours before departure
  • €90 per additional bag if paid at gate

Lux Air – €100

Lux Air charge a flat fee of €100 per person to travel with sports equipment in hold.

TAP Air Portugal – €100

It will cost €100 to travel with your own gear with TAP Air Portugal.

LOT Polish Airlines – €140

If flying with LOT Polish Airlines, you’ll need to purchase excess baggage – this will cost €140 per person.

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