Free Fun Time in Lyon – Stash your Cash!

There’s a saying among the most ardent fans and followers of the Lyon way of life – Paris might be the city to see, but Lyon is the city to experience. A lofty claim indeed, but one that becomes abundantly understandable when you spend time in this gorgeous corner of France.

They often say that getting the best out of Lyon means throwing the usual rule-book out of the window and doing whatever the hell comes to mind naturally. Thinking of heading for a long walk just because the sun is shining in the morning? Fair enough, but why not take the opportunity to score a prime spot on a terrace and let everyone else scuttling around while you sip your Champagne?

And here’s the even greater thing about Lyon courtesy of those in the know – it’s a city where you don’t actually have to spend much money at all to have an amazing time. Sure you can burn cash like it’s nobody’s busienss if you want to, but it’s good to know you don’t have to here.

Here’s a look at five of the top picks for enjoying Lyon without spending a penny:

1 – Visit the Parc de la Tête d’Or for a Stroll

Jardin_botanique_lyonAdmittedly, this one is a little weather-dependent, but strike gold with a sunny day and you’re in for one hell of a tranquil treat. This is none other than the biggest urban park in the country and could easily steal half a day or so as you walk with no real destination in mind. That being said, the Botanical Garden and Zoo are also both worth a look if it takes your fancy.


2 – Take in the View from the Fourvière

Have a look around no matter where you are in the city and you can see the Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière – it pretty much dominates the skyline. So, use common sense logic to reverse the idea and you have yourself a place where you can take in a stunning view of the entire city from one place! Admittedly, you’ll need to have some pretty strong legs to make the climb and it gets a bit on the busy side in the summer months, but all efforts will be repaid a millions times over by the breath-taking panorama.

3 – Marvel Upon the Painted Walls

Ski-Transfers-Lyon-MuralsLocals call them the trompe-l’oeils, but you’ll come to know them as the painted walls of the town. These are scattered all over the place and the majority are pretty impressive, but it’s often said that the best of all can be found close to the Place des Terreaux. And speaking of walls, be sure to magically transport yourself around Lyon using the hidden passages or traboules that link many of the main streets together.

4 – Ayer’s Rock Nightclub

Ski-Transfers-Lyon-NighlifeIf you’re in the mood to party or just have a drink watching others cavort as they do, there’s really no more famous night-spot than Ayer’s Rock. And quite remarkably, despite its fame and reputation it won’t actually cost you a penny to get in! Sure it’s busy and drinks aren’t cheap, but still!


5 – La Fête des Lumières

Less weather-dependent and more about timing, but if you can time your visit to Lyon to fall on the 8th of December, you’ll be treated to an absolute stunning festival of light – the Fête des Lumières. It’s a visual spectacle you really have to take a look at to comprehend, but suffice to say it draws a massive 2 million people to the city streets after dark.



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