Guaranteed Snow Near Geneva – Where to Go

A ski holiday with no snow is a bit like a beach holiday in the centre of a busy city – it’s just not going to work! Sadly, while sunseekers know exactly where to find the sea and the sand all year round, we don’t share the same privilege when it comes to snow. We might search far and wide, but guarantees are thin on the ground…if you’ll pardon the pun.

However, thanks to some of the experienced globe-trotters out there we now have a pretty decent directory of resorts where snow is at least as close to guaranteed as it’s ever going to be. And the very best news of all is that the five we’ve picked for you here are all no more than about 90-mins away from Geneva Airport!

Don’t go holding us responsible if you’re left down, but hedge your bets with these and chance are you’ll come up smelling of roses:


Altitude 1035m – Pistes 155km

Resort Transfer Time – 70 Minutes from Geneva Airport

Head for Chamonix – or should we say Argentière to be perfectly honest – and you’ll be at the only ski hotspot with slopes above the 3000m altitude mark that you can get to in less than 90mins from Geneva Airport. It’s almost unheard of to head here at any realistic time in the season and not find absolutely pristine powder which usually lasts right into the spring. And then of course there’s also the village of Le Tour nearby, which claims to be the snowiest in the whole of France. Not sure how official that is, but nevermind!


Altitude 1600m – Pistes 265km

Resort Transfer Time – 75 Minutes from Geneva Airport

Thousands claim that the main Flaine bowl is quite simply the best place in all of the Haute Savoie when it comes to snow you can rely on. At the altitude of the resort, Flaine is known to be lavished with a huge snowfall each year, which often tips the six-metre mark. It’s easily one of the snowiest places in all of the Alps.


Altitude 1800m – Pistes 70km

Resort Transfer Time – 90 Minutes from Geneva Airport

The above entry may be one of, but Avoriaz is officially the snowiest ski hotspot in the whole of France – an impressive 7.5 metres being dumped on the resort every season. The highest slope isn’t much higher than the resort itself topping out at 2275 meters, but snow is pretty much a dead-cert at all times and you can always easily venture into other Portes du Soleil resorts for more variety.

Les Contamines

Altitude 1160m – Pistes 120km

Resort Transfer Time – 75 Minutes from Geneva Airport

Considering the fact that it isn’t exactly the highest in the world, the resort of Les Contamines is seriously blessed when it comes to reliable snow. It’s not always at the top of the table when it comes to snowfall, but the situation of the resort ensures that when the snow does fall, it stays put for a long time.

La Clusaz

Altitude 1100m – Pistes 132km

Resorts Transfer Time – 60 Minutes from Geneva Airport

And to finish off with a rather surprising entry, La Clusaz has the benefit of being one of the first resorts in the Alps to be ‘blessed’ by the huge snowstorms that head in off the Atlantic.