How Far does your Insurance Go?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to travel insurance for skiers is not that they don’t take any out, but the way in which so many travel insurance policies don’t actually offer any realistic or useful coverage whatsoever. What so many fail to realise or understand is the way in which there is an epic amount of difference between a standard vacation and ski vacation, at least in the eyes of the insurer. For reasons that are largely obvious, it is assumed that those taking ski holidays are naturally at infinitely greater risk than those heading to the beach for a week, therefore different insurance policies are needed.

As such, rather than assuming a policy covers all bases and ticks all the right boxes, any skier looking to make the most of a trip and enjoy real peace of mind should never overlook the importance of triple-checking the following at least:

Journey and Transfer Cover

Getting to a ski resort in the first place can prove a rather taxing endeavour when the elements take a turn for the worst, so be sure to check that the insurance policy covers both the flight AND the resort transfer, as opposed to just the flight. Should the transfer section of the journey not cover against cancellation, delay, loss, damage, accident, injury and so on, a traveller is left wide open to a thousand and one potential incidents before even hitting the slopes.

Ski Equipment Cover

Most travel insurance policies include a generous amount of baggage cover against loss and theft, but most standard policies do not offer a single penny of cover for winter sports gear – this is almost always an optional extra. As such, unless taking out a specific winter sports insurance package it is of paramount importance to check how far the baggage cover extends and opt for the winter sports upgrade if necessary. Also be sure that the level of coverage is sufficient, as £200 or so is hardly going to cover gear stolen from the whole family.

Winter Sports Health Cover

A little like the above, just because a travel insurance policy covers all manner of accidents, injuries, illnesses and so on does NOT meant that the same applies for injuries suffered as a result of winter sports. More often than not, winter and extreme sports are exempt from standard cover and a good amount of travel insurance policies are in fact null and void if taken out for ski holidays. As such, it is vital to either take out a fully dedicated winter sports policy, or be sure to read the fine print from beginning to end and opt for any additional winter sports cover that may be needed to validate the policy.

Immediate Assistance

Last but not least, never forget to look into the way the insurer step in during times of crisis. The last thing a skier or holidaymaker wants is the kind of insurance policy that offers nothing more than reimbursement of losses six months down the line, as opposed to essential help the moment it is needed. The best advice here is to check out consumer reviews to find out exactly how any given provider has performed when faced with such an occurrence.