How to ‘Do’ Megeve for Cheap…Sort of!

Megeve is considered by so many to be the Aspen of the French Alps and indeed the Monaco of the colder climes. Roughly translated for those scratching their heads, Megeve has long been the place to see and be seen, rubbing shoulders with the great and good in the world of skiing, along with the occasional billionaire playboy heading in for the season. As such, even those that have absolutely zero aspiration to join high society and don the most pretentious of accents for life really do owe it to themselves to check out the town itself, even if just to spend a day or two watching how the other half live/showboat.


…and there’s also the theory to test out whereby you’re not supposed to get a hangover, if you drink good quality wine in the shadow of Mont Blanc.

Now, it might seem as though shelling out top-dollar for one of the most elite ski resorts on Earth is a bit much to ask for a bit of people-watching, but those with a shrewd nature will find that there is an affordable way to both visit and even ski in Megeve. Well, more affordable than the average, anyway.

Here’s a few top tips on how to mingle with the snow-bound glitterati and perhaps make friends with someone that could probably buy the country of Ecuador just for the sake of it:


Broaden horizons when looking for a flight to Geneva by including as many UK airports as possible, for example, those that factor in the likes of Leeds Bradford and Liverpool are more likely to find those elusive £60 return fares than those insistent on jetting off from Gatwick. And the more saved on flights, the more left to spend on hitting the town!



Always, always and always book resort transfers to Megeve ahead of time and don’t take the risk of turning up at the airport without a reservation. Chances are that those who do the latter will still get where they are going, but they’ll pay up to twice as much as those that booked ahead. Why waste cash?



It isn’t all about places like Les Fermes de  Marie Megeve where a good £500 per night isn’t asking too much – there are also places around like Chalet Antoine Megeve which are about as charming as it gets and come in closer to £40 per night. No matter where the chosen base is, the action is never far away.



Megeve Market runs all year round from 8am to 1pm each Saturday and is quite simply THE place to pick up the best of local wares for cheap. All the chefs of the local Michelin-quality restaurants shop here, so why not do as they do and whip up some fine dining for about 90% cheaper than a restaurant meal?



Last but not least, to see the elite doing what they came to do in a frenzy of cocktails and champagne, dress up to the nines and head to a place like Palo Alto, Bar Cocoon or Jazz Club les 5 Rues – most of which are off the scale in terms of drink prices but will usually have no cover charge to get you in for a good nosey!


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