How to Sleep in Zurich Airport

If you’re of the type that believes sleeping in an airport is more of a challenge than a means of relaxing, rest assured you’re in good company. Contrary to what you might think, you aren’t the only one that hates the prospect of bedding down in a departure lounge for a few hours while the pilot decides whether or not to bother bringing the plane your way this day or any.

Zurich-airport-Ski-Transfers-BlogSo just to make matters worse, say for example you’re just heading back from a rousing week of skiing in only to find your flight from Zurich Airport delayed by a good few hours. You’re tired, you’re cranky and you’ve done enough socialising – all you want is some well-earned rest.

Here’s the good news – through trial and tribulation we’ve put together the following mini-guide designed specifically to help you get at least a bit of sleep if you find yourself stuck in Zurich Airport. And the best news of all – you won’t have to spend a penny!

Bear in mind these are all once you get airside – before actually heading through security is another story!



First up, if you can bag one of the seriously comfy sofas outside Starbucks, you’re golden! There are tales of the staff sometimes being a bit iffy when it comes to letting folk snooze on them without buying anything, but toward the end of the night when they’re closing up chances are they won’t be bothered. You could always grab the cheapest thing on the menu too and then there’s really nothing they can say at all!

Another tip if you manage to get there before the others in the know is to head to the area where the shops and restaurants are, making a beeline for the sports bar. Outside, again there are some really comfy round-shaped sofa-type seats and the general area itself is usually quiet enough to get some serious sleep once everything has closed.

One tip to remember though is no matter where and how you plan on getting some shut-eye, pay close attention to where the speakers are on the roof. Sadly, the music keeps on playing throughout the night at a rather high volume level so avoid being right under the speakers if you can.

There’s also another little-known place you probably won’t stumble over, so here’s the secret. Head out to where gates 63 to 80 are located and you’ll see one of those desks where there’s free internet on offer for the lucky few that get there first. But that’s not the prize – behind the desk with the gadgets on are some more comfy seats that are great for sleeping on, if only for a while.



Last up, if it’s looking like all the hotspots are taken then the general consensus seems to point at the area where the D and B gates are located. Later in the evening, the lights are dimmed in the whole area, it doesn’t tend to be as noisy and there are far less people around to bother you or trip over you than in some of the other areas.

Good luck and sweet dreams!

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