How to Survive a Delay in Munich Airport

It would always be better if you could snap your fingers and forego the journey home after a ski break. It’s bad enough that you’re tired, achy and desperately trying to find an excuse not to go back to work the next day – the last thing on Earth you want right now is a delay.

Sadly, there isn’t an airport in the world that’s immune to the odd ‘hiccup’ here and there – Munich being no exception. But the way we see it, if your flight is held up for any reason and you have no choice but to hang around Munich Airport for a few hours, you can either wallow in self-pity or use your savvy to have a last bit of fun.

If the latter of the two sounds more up your street, here’s a quick guide on surviving a post-ski delay at Munich Airport:

Sample the Local Brew

Airbrau-beer-Munich-AirportOnly in Bavaria – did you know that Munich Airport sports the world’s very first airport-based brewery? Well now you do, and it’s called Airbrau. So if you haven’t already had your fill of après-ski goodies on and off the slopes, you can sample some seriously impressive beers that are actually brewed on airport premises. There are seven beers on offer and the odd guest tipple here and there, so treat yourself to a final sample or two but don’t go OTT…some of them are quite robust!




Check Out the Outside

Neuschwanstein_Castle-Munich-Ski-Transfers-BlogIf you haven’t already passed through security and thus ended up imprisoned, there are some stunning ancient towns, villages and castles all around the region Munich Airport is located in. If you’ve got more than three of four hours to kill, it’s highly recommended that you check your bags in and then jump on a bus or even in a taxi to the nearest picturesque village and soak up local life as few tourists ever get to.


Get Connected

Wifi-Munich-Airport-Ski-Transfers-BlogIf you really can’t be bothered moving, all Munich Airport guests are lavished with a full 30-minutes of free Wi-Fi before being told they’ll have to pay to stay hooked up. So the advice is to save this allowance for when you’re desperate for it, either to vent your rage on a blog, catch up with a TV show or try and book yourself a train if and when the flight never bothers to show up.

Earn Your Wings

Flight_Simulator-Ski-Transfers-BlogInstead of moaning how rubbish a job the pilots are doing keeping things running on time, why not put yourself in their shoes? Head to Terminal 2 and you’ll find a sizeable 737NG flight simulator to try your luck at flying one of the things yourself, then you might come away with a new found respect from those you were badmouthing a few minutes ago!




Play a Round?

Minigolf-Munich-Airport-Ski-Transfers-BlogYou’re out of luck if you’re stuck here during the night, but during normal working hours and for a couple of your hard-earned Euros, you can even play a round of mini-golf at Munich Airport. Need we say more?


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