How to Survive an Extended Resort Transfer with Kids

One of the things that never fail to take parents by surprise when taking their kids on holiday is the way in which they seem to be able to pass the time at the airport and on the plane with ease, but things take a turn for the worse as soon as you step on the resort transfer bus. Most likely this is due to the fact that planes and airports are exciting novelties for kids, whereas buses are anything but. As such, you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar that if you’re destined to face a screaming hissy-fit on the way to the French Alps this year, it’s gonna happen after you arrive at Geneva Airport on the bus to wherever it is you’re going.

The good news however is that comprehensive studies of dummy-throwing and caterwauling have brought to light some interesting results, in terms of the ways and means by which you yourself can lower the chances of arriving at your chosen resort suicidal. So, if you’ve still got time to iron out a few details and don’t want to jeopardise family harmony this time around, take the following advice collated from experts and long-suffering parents alike:

  1. Wear them Out – Never underestimate the power of sleep when it comes to keeping your darlings out of trouble for an hour or two…or three. Try to make the journey up until this point as exciting and energetic as possible, responding to their abundance of energy and holding out until you hit the coach. If you can get them to nod off before the thing even sets off, you’re golden!
  2. Bring Distractions – Have a good think about their favourite toys and games from home and be sure to bring along enough to collectively pass the time, or at least some of it. More often than not it is boredom that sparks off the most destructive of tantrums and other such incidents.
  3. Bring Food – Even the best of us will find that we become grumpy and irritable when we’re hungry, so don’t take any chances and be sure to bring along enough food to cater to any hunger pangs that may occur along the way. And one important note – opt for sugar and colouring-free snacks as the last thing you or anyone else on the coach needs is a gaggle of hyperactive kids on a sugar-high!
  4. Up the Ante – It doesn’t have to be big, but if you can bring along just a couple of tiny tokens in the form of new toys or games they’ve never seen before, springing them on a child who’s about to start thrashing can be a life-saver.
  5. Hydrate Them – Never forget that airline air is dry, mountain air is thin and dehydration causes headaches – headaches that could ruin your kids’ day and take yours down at the same time!
  6. Cut the Time – A no brainer worth remembering, why not try and choose a resort with the shortest transfer time possible? Not exactly rocket-science, is it?
  7. Turn to Tech – Last but not least, some of the best transfer groups in the world today now offer buses that come with free Wi-Fi for all passengers…really! So, bring along anything you may have with a Wi-Fi connection and chances are they’ll pass the few hours in no time surfing the web or social networking.