Innsbruck Airport Resort Transfer Tips – Golden Rules to Follow

Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to Innsbruck Airport on their way to any number of ski destinations across the Alps. And every year at least 95% of all these plucky revellers get where they’re going with ease.

Innsbruck_airport-Ski-Transfers-BlogSadly however, there’s always that relatively small contingency of folk that end up wasting half of their holiday on the roads, rails or any combination of the two. And the real kicker is that they don’t have anyone to blame but themselves.

The problem…if you can call it that…with Innsbruck Airport is that way it seems so incredibly close to some of the best ski resorts on the face of the Earth. Alpbach for example has recently been lavished with praise as perhaps the best ski resort in Europe for beginners, while Seefeld continues to attract a loyal following that’s growing by the year. And when you look at either of these place along with dozens of others, the respective 50-minute and 25-minute airport transfer times seem almost too good to be true.

Which they are…if you take matters into your own hands.

Verbindungsseilbahn Alpbach-Wildschönau, obere StationWhat’s important to remember is the fact that despite Innsbruck Airport’s proximity to these and so many other hotspots, transport links are often few and far between. It may only take around half an hour on an organised transfer service, but an indirect public transport route involving multiple connecting services could hold you up for hours. In a similar vein, a ten-euro coach ticket pales in comparison to the fifty or sixty euros you’d end up paying for a taxi if no busses were available upon your arrival.

It’s all about making sure you don’t take the privileged position of Innsbruck Airport for granted – there are well over 75 incredible resorts less than two hours from the airport and there’s just no way on this Earth that each and every one can be linked by fast and regular public transport…it’s impossible.

And that’s why we always advise that a few golden rules be followed when heading out through this airport in particular – Innsbruck is in high demand and gets extremely busy, so don’t try your luck!

Rule 1 – Plan Ahead

Quite simply, don’t book everything in a somewhat random and skittish manner, but ensure your trip as a whole is seamlessly planned. Or in other words, don’t book a resort without first checking out the available flights and don’t book your flights until you first check what transfers are available. Take into account every element before booking anything at all.

Rule 2 – Book Ahead

Organised transfer services form Innsbruck fill up extremely fast and are sometimes in short supply. So no matter what time of year you plan to go, book your transfers as far ahead as possible in order to make sure you not only get the best seats on the best services, but also the best prices.

Rule 3 – Leave Plenty of Time

And finally, there isn’t a single ski resort in the Innsbruck region that’s immune to the elements. As such, it can sometimes take way longer than expected to get to and from where you’re going, so even though it looks like you’re only an inch on the map away from your chosen resort, when the weather comes in that inch could represent hours in traffic. Long story short – always allow plenty of time.

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