Locate the most 5 appetizing La Thuile restaurants to taste up your rest in the village

La Thuile is an old mining village in northwest Italy, which attracts its visitors by representing a fabulous ski resort – very attractive for quiet ski slope hunters. Not only the ski resort is suitable for a family skiing vacation, but also the town is full of La Thuile restaurants, bars, shops and other attractions for lively time off. Bottom line is that we won’t allow you heading out there without knowing the best places to pop in for some enjoyable après-ski. Continue reading to find out what does La Thuile offers beyond just the slopes!

Our TOP 5 dining picks from La Thuile restaurants

Although the town is not so famous for its energetic après, while exploring the village one still can find a number of high-quality La Thuile restaurants offering delicious Italian gastronomy! For the most vibrant La Thuile holidays, we recommend visiting these places:

  1. In the mountains you’ll find Lo Riondet – the menu presents genuine mountain food, all beautifully cooked and well presented in an old fashioned setting;
  2. Another ski meal which is easily assessable from the slopes get in Ristorante Lo Tata’ La Thuile offering delicious pizzas & local treats;
  3. Pepota Café is a La Thuile restaurant & pizzeria – the best for homemade pasta, grilled meats and regional specialties;
  4. While in Taverna Coppapan puts up more unique-style dishes, like deep fried olives or melted cheese Rachette;
  5. Finish the meal in always cozy and very Italian style Chocolat, where all pastries are homemade! Cream cakes or not, you’ll live for this place!

Source: http://www.chocolat-collomb.it/



























































When it comes to La Thuile nightlife you have two ways to go – picking an aperitif spot great for stimulating the appetite and finishing the night in a hangout place suitable for families after a meal!


Polish off the evening in 3 most suitable places for getting together

The fact that La Thuile nightlife is not quite fitting the riot concept just makes it more suitable for families. Though what it lacks in flings, it compensates in Italian aperitivos:


  1. La Buvette is probably the best for a quick drink when looking for a place close to gondola for chill-out gathering after a day on the slopes;
  2. In the village Angela’s Café is a cosy local bar and an absolute favourite amongst the villager’s for a cosy ambience, platter of tasty nibbles and pre-drinks;
  3. Close to the evening’s wrap-up head out to La Cage Aux Folles – open till late, good music, and a wide range of beers & wines to pull the plug and finish off La Thuile nightlife in enjoyable manner!

Crossing an international border while skiing above-the-tree-line, shopping, thermal baths, spa – all that and more it’s possible on La Thuile holidays! Though not build for an active nightlife, La Thuile restaurants still keep up its element of being 100 percent Italian!






























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