The Most Annoying People You’ll Meet at a Ski Resort

stag do skiers

Okay, so we all love to hit the slopes. That’s why you’re here, right? But let’s face it, there are always a select few who know how to grind our gears. Whether you’re sick of stag dos or can’t stand the thought of another person running over your skis in the lift line, it’s time for a little cathartic ranting. Here are the most annoying people you’ll meet at a ski resort.

The Wannabe Expert

They’ve been skiing a handful of times before and now they think they know it all. On the way to the resort, they’ll talk themselves up. They’ll even brag to other ‘experts’ in the bar about their skiing prowess. But things change when they take to the slopes.

They’ll venture up to a black run in a bid to show off. A few minutes later, you’ll find them sidestepping their way to the bottom. They’ll later blame their poor performance on an injury, but we all know the truth.

The Backpack DJ

There’s a special place in hell reserved for whoever started the speaker backpack trend at ski resorts.

It’s cool to have an atrocious taste in music, just don’t push it on the rest of us! The last thing we want to hear on the slopes is your awful home-remixed EDM tracks pumped through a poor-quality speaker. It’s enough to make anyone want to faceplant.

You think it’s bad on the slopes – just wait till you’re stuck behind them in the lift queue.

The 12-Year-Old Professional

Whether you’re confident in your abilities as a skier or not, nothing knocks your self-esteem like the 12-year-old professional.

They were born and raised in a resort, their parents are ski instructors and they’ve had more time on snow than you could ever imagine.

You’ll likely see them showboating on the black runs, with more control than the most seasoned experts. Oh, we wish we had their upbringing!

The Stag Do Party

Whose bright idea was it to have a stag do at a ski resort?

You can usually spot the stag do party by the horrifically impractical fancy dress outfits worn to the slopes. Take to the major resorts in peak season and it’s only a matter of time till you see Superman hurtling past you, only to wipe out and leave his cape behind.

Don’t worry, you can smile in satisfaction when you see them hungover in the lift line tomorrow.


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The Wannabe Ski Instructor

This is an age-old issue which many skiers can relate to. An experienced and inexperienced skier travel together. The experienced skier offers some tuition – why waste money on a qualified professional when they can do the same for free?

In reality, once beyond the pizza and fries cliché, they’re out of ideas. After half an hour of rushed tips, they’ll get bored and head off to the more difficult pistes while the poor beginner is left to fend for themselves!

We’ve seen many friendships fractured as a result.

The Grumpy Seasonaire

They’re halfway through their first ski season and the weeks of heavy drinking has taken its toll. They like to moan about every skier’s techniques and belittle others around them.

They can easily put-off the beginners, but don’t fret. They’re a minority in the ski resort, most people are just happy you’re here to try a new sport.

The Person Who Runs Over Your Skis in the Lift Queue

This one is a serious frustration for many skiers.

If you own a set of skis, the scratches and marks have to be earned. They’re a rite of passage for new skis. You want those scratches to come from your epic off-piste adventures – not from the lift line!

Ignorant skiers in lift lines running over our skis is just the worst!!!

The Friend Who Runs Out of Money on Day 1

Let’s face it, ski holidays can be pretty expensive. If you’re going in a group, don’t be the person who runs out of money before the week’s begun.

Don’t be the one left at home while everyone’s out enjoying the après-ski!

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