Resort Transfer FAQ – Basics, Baggage and Boredom

Nowadays, arranging an airport transfer onward to anywhere across the French Alps really couldn’t be easier, but for the first-timer there are of course plenty of questions to ask. So with those heading to the slopes for the first time, here’s a brief FAQ that should at least help clarify the basics:

Should I Book?

In a world – yes. The thing about booking in advance is that although it isn’t compulsory by any means, it is the best option by far. Those that book their transfers in advance stand to save up to 50% or even higher on ticket prices, while at the same time don’t have to worry about queues on the other side. What’s more, reserved resort transfers will more often than not wait for their passengers when flights are delayed.

Where Will I be Picked Up?

In Geneva Airport there is a French side and a Swiss side – both of which operate their own transfer services to dozens of resorts. As such, it’s very important to take a look at the details of the transfer service in question and see which side of the airport they pick up from and exactly where to wait. That being said, this can also be found out at the airport, though could involve some serious queuing at peak times.

What if I Have Excess Baggage?

The better transfer services operating today will always be able to make allowances for excess baggage, though in all cases this must be arranged ahead of time with the provider in question. It may not be possible for excess baggage to be carried if not booked and arranged in advance, though there are no guarantees that particularly large, cumbersome, heavy or dangerous items will be accepted for carriage at all. Always check with your provider before making any assumptions.

What if My Flight is Cancelled?

Any reputable airport transfer service that’s been booked in advance will make arrangements for any late arrivals to get where they are going. If a flight is cancelled altogether and summarily rearranged for another time or day, the original tickets will either still be valid or will be reissued for the new service. As above however, it is the responsibility of the customer to make contact with the transfer provider if and when any delays or changes in itinerary creep into the equation.

Is There Entertainment On-Board?

Not specifically, but in the case of the market’s very best French Alps transfer services all passengers are able to use free Wi-Fi. But then again, the beauty of the French Alps is really all the entertainment most ever need.

Is Private or Shared a Better Option?

For solo travellers, couples and smaller groups, the scheduled and shared coach transfers are always the cheapest on a price per person basis. However, if the group is larger, has any special needs to accommodate or demands the upmost privacy, private transfers can work out the best. In all instances however, it is never a bad idea to obtain a quote for both and decide which of the two is more appealing.