Resort Transfer Travel Sickness Tips

There are too many fun and joyous things about a family trip to the French Alps to begin listing – travel sickness is however not one of them. Every year, thousands of families are blighted by bouts of this quite debilitating affliction, which in most cases doesn’t kick in until those final resort transfer services after arriving at the airport. In fact, such is the severity in some instances that even the thought of boarding a coach to head for the slopes is enough to set stomachs turning.


However, there are some tried, tested and proven tips to avoid travel sickness on even the longest coach rides. So, if looking to make a resort transfer this year by coach and you or any member of the family has a history of travel sickness, give the following tips a little thought:


Right off the bat, it is of huge importance not to indulge in anything other than lightest of foods in the hours leading up the transfer. This means staying as far away as possible from booze, keeping chocolate out of reach and generally cutting out anything rich or heavy – especially where a child’s diet is involved. In addition, fizzy drinks can be the absolute devil when it comes to making things worse – as can high-sugar drinks that do little other than set your head spinning in their own right!

If taking food to eat on the coach, never forget that anything with a strong smell might make things a thousand times worse for you and anyone else on board with a sensitive stomach.


If at all possible, the best advice is to sit as close to the front of the coach as possible, ideally with a view out of the front window. If further back, do not fall to the temptation of staring out of the side window with everything whizzing by at a 90 degree angle – this is the cause of most motion sickness. And under no circumstances whatsoever allow kids with motion sickness problems to sit in their seats sideways or backwards.



Try to stay away from activities that are vision-based to the most realistic extent and be sure to rule out reading at all costs – this can make travel sickness much worse. Watching movies and listening to music are usually fine, though should be stopped if things take a turn for the worse. Usually, the best thing to stave of motion sickness is distraction, therefore try to keep talking and chatting along the way.


Never overheat and make sure there is a ready supply of fresh air – open a window or inform the transfer coach driver if the temperature is not ideal.


There are plenty of travel sickness medications on the market that have the potential to work and can indeed work wonders with kids. With younger sufferers it can often be largely about the power of suggestion – placebos can sometimes work in the absence of anything stronger!


Take a Walk

Never “Grin and bear it” – if things get bad it is important to ask the driver of the coach to stop as soon as possible for a breath of fresh air and a short walk around to regroup. The resorts can wait – your family’s health cannot.

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