The 7 Deadly Sins of a Work Ski Trip

The 7 Deadly Sins of a Work Ski Trip

Managed to convince your boss to pay for a company ski trip?


You might have managed to fool them into thinking this trip will be all about office morale and networking, but we all know the truth. Just make sure they don’t find this out.

Before setting out on your free holiday full of snow-loads of booze, there are a few things to think about. You have to see these people again on Monday morning, remember!

To help you avoid the fate of finding a new job, here are the 7 deadly sins of a work ski trip.

Skipping Après

A work ski trip is like the ultimate office night out – up a mountain.

So, there’s no excuse for skipping après. Late nights and early mornings are part of the package!

Worried about skiing with a hangover? Get over it – fresh air helps headaches. Still tired from the night before? This is why Jägerbombs were invented.

It’s important to say, though, try not to get paralytic. You’ll be on the receiving end of the office jokes for the rest of the year!

Waking Up in a Colleague’s Bed

Drinking hits you harder at high altitudes. But, there’s still no excuse for waking up next to a colleague the morning after.

You have to see them in the office every day! Exercise a little restraint.

Even if you’ve had a crush on someone since you started work, keep love interests separate from the office. The same rules apply on ski trips!

Just think of the awkwardness on Monday morning.

Rinsing the Company Credit Card

No one can resist a free holiday, but don’t push your luck. Gluttony is a sin, remember.

Offer to get your wallet out every so often. It will go a long way, particularly if you’re trying to keep the boss sweet.

Don’t be the person who’s happy to spend someone else’s money and never their own!

Showing Up Your Boss

Let’s face it, we’re all aware that the boss likes to be the best at everything. This includes skiing.

Who cares if you’ve been skiing as long as you’ve been walking? Let your boss have the limelight. They are the one paying, after all.

If you show them up on the slopes, you can guarantee you’ll be the first one they give their admin to when you return.

Even if they run over your skis in the lift queue or spray you with snow, correcting their technique won’t go down well to say the least. Pretend they’re right even if they’re wrong!

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Asking for a Raise

Negotiating a promotion is a huge no go. Drunk or not, your boss doesn’t want to hear about what a great employee while you are on the slopes.

You’ll only make yourself look bad and your boss angry. It’s a lose-lose!

Making an Itinerary

Work ski holidays can be tough to organise and endure. The phrase ‘too many cooks’ springs to mind.

But, don’t be the one to take the fun out of things!

While a rough plan can help you make the most of the day, don’t insist everybody sticks to it. This isn’t a school trip.

Networking on the Pistes

Want to show off in front of your boss? There’s a time and a place.

Trying to look like the best employee by accosting people on the slopes is never a good look. ‘All work and no play’ isn’t always a winning formula!

Plus, if nothing else, it’s just annoying.

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