Ski Daytrips from Munich – Easier Than You’d Think!

Here’s a shocker – did you ever realise you can get yourself from Munich Airport to some of the most amazing ski slopes in the Alps and back again in the space of a single day?Ski-Transfers-From-Munich-AirportIf for any reason you happen to be in the Munich area and have a couple of days or even just a single day to spare, there’s nothing to stop you from making the most of all the stunning German Alps have to offer. And the really great news is that you don’t have to bother shelling out for a car rental either – the German public transport system and some of the best airport transfer services in Europe are at your service!

There’s a total of four ski areas you can get to from Munich and you’ll usually find that every service offering transport will have special fares and rates on offer for those making a single daytrip. The resorts are quite different and some are more quirky than they are show-stopping, but in any and all cases there’s no better way of spending a spare day or so in the Munich area.

Head to the Garmisch Classic on the Deutsche Bahn

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is perfectly possible to reach as a daytrip using the country’s super-reliable Deutsche Bahn rail service. You’re looking at a 7am departure and as the train takes just 80 mins or so to get to where it’s going, you can be on the slopes before you’d normally have even headed down for breakfast. And what’s even better is that for a price of just €42, you not only get your return train fare but your lift pass for the day is also covered!

You do have to switch trains at Garmisch-Paternkirchen where you will take the Olympia Bahn right to the slopes. This is the historic train that was used during the 1936 Winter Olympics, which means you’ll be indulging in a little culture at the same time as getting your thrills! And if looking for some R&R, there are plenty of dining and relaxation opportunities around the resort, along with some truly stunning views over the valleys and towns below.

More Options With the Bayerische Oberland Bahn

Also at your disposal from the central Munich Hauptbahnhof is the Bayerische Oberland Bahn, which runs to a variety of other resorts for you to try out in just a single day or so. For no more than €45 which once again includes your lift pass and return travel, you can check out Wendelstein, Brauneck-Wegscheid, Lenggries, Sudelfeld, Bayrischzell and Spitzingsee-Tegernsee – all of which you’ll be able to access in no more than about an hour and a half.

WendelsteinA couple of tips – Wendelstein doesn’t always open if snow isn’t abundant and Lenggries isn’t recommended as the best choice for snowboarders – it does tend to get quite flat in a lot of areas!

Go By Bus

And just to round off with the old faithful, there are literally too many Airport Transfer and standard bus services on offer to begin listing. Along with all of the above mentioned resorts, there are many fast, frequent and frugal Munich Airport ski transfers or from the city’s main bus terminal to so many ski havens just waiting to be discovered.

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