Ski Resort Jobs: How to Work Hard, Ski Hard This Winter

ski resort job

If you’re anything like us, you want to stay in the mountains for as long as possible. If you’re got an obsession for powder, why not become a seasonaire and make your stay permanent? Work a ski season at your favourite resort and spend your free time on the slopes. There’s no feeling quite like it. Here we’ll give you some essential ski resort job advice so you can work hard, ski hard this winter.

How to Get a Ski Season Job

Before we start explaining all about the awesome jobs you could be doing this season. Let’s get the foundations right. Whether you’re an experienced skier or not, you may need a little career advice for getting your first ski resort job.

Think Outside the Box

A ski instructor isn’t your only option. There are plenty of other jobs that need filling come ski season. We’ll list a few of the most common below. It’s worth thinking outside the box though. From ski hire store to restaurants and childcare – there are plenty of varied vacancies that need filling in a resort.

Use Your Current Skillset

Getting a ski resort job is no different to getting a job in your home town/city. Consider what experience you have, look at your current skillset and apply for the most relevant positions.

Remember: Ski instructor jobs are very competitive, make sure you’ve got the relevant qualifications before you apply.

Be Adaptable

Can’t find a job in your most desired resort? Look to other surrounding resorts. There are countless ski spots in the Alps – don’t give up because you can’t find a job at the most popular.

Moreover – if you can’t find a job in your most desired role, consider doing something else in the meantime. A ski job isn’t meant to be a job for life.

Many ski season workers start out travelling. They head to a resort with their backpacks and no solid plan. This may not be the easiest option for some but if you’re persistent, sociable and hard-working, you should be able to find something.

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Look Online

Gone are the days where you had to go from shop to shop handing out CVs. There are plenty of really handy online portals that can help your secure your first ski resort job.

Natives is a great place to start, here you can apply for everything from transfer driver to hospitality roles.

Alternatively, Ski Jobs also has a comprehensive list of vacancies which will be able to help you in your job hunt.

It’s also worth looking at chalet companies and ski tour operators. Sometimes these companies won’t advertise vacancies on other platforms so look at their websites too.

Apply Early

There’s no point applying for a ski season job at the beginning of December – you’ll find it very difficult to secure a position. You should apply for roles as early as you can.

Remember: Ski resorts still function and attract visitors off-season. Vacancies will be easier to secure if you apply early.

Where Are You Going to Live?

We hate to sound like your mother, but you do need a roof over your head! A lot of jobs will offer accommodation – especially if your find yourself working for a chalet.

You can’t bank on this though. It’s worth making sure you’ve got somewhere to stay before you arrive at the ski resort. You usually have a few options with ski accommodation. You can live in hostel style dorms where you share the living space with other snow addicts (usually the cheaper option) or you can rent a flat somewhere local.

The seasonaire community is a friendly and helpful place. Get involved in online groups and chats. People will be happy to help you out and offer some friendly advice.

man snow boarding

Types of Ski Resort Jobs

So, if you’re thinking about becoming a seasonaire, these are some of the most common jobs you could find. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Chalet Hosts

Working as a Chalet Host can be a fun and exciting option. This can give you time for hitting the slopes and the all-important après-ski! Having said this, the role is often demanding and the level of responsibility is high. You must ensure your guests enjoy their stay. This can include cooking, cleaning and assisting with any requests they have.

Benefits: Free lift pass, ski hire, accommodation and living expenses

Experience: Cooking course qualification / customer service / hospitality

Maintenance Jobs

If you’ve got some experience at maintenance/handyman roles and can drive, you’ll be hailed as a hero in the Alps. When something goes wrong in the mountains, there needs to be a quick fix. If you know what you’re doing and can resolve most issues, you’ll make a great living. You’ll be given a lot of free time for skiing but expect to be called out at anti-social hours from time to time.

Benefits: Plenty of free time

Experience: Basic plumbing, electrical and carpentry skills desirable as well as a valid driving licence

Bar Work

Working in a bar in the Alps might seem like the ultimate ski season job (besides instructor obviously). It’s also one of the most sought-after roles. It can be demanding work, long shifts and poor pay. Often, these don’t come with accommodation which can add an extra level of financial burden.

If you want to go down this route, it’s often best to apply through a tour operator to work in a private bar. These are far better paid and often include benefits like accommodation, lift pass and ski hire.

Benefits: Depends on employer

Experience: Customer service


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Ski Instructors

When you think about ski season jobs, this is the one everyone is after. It’s a great lifestyle and you’re certainly object of envy for many seasonaires. The problem is, you need a qualification to stand a chance of getting the job. It’s not all fun either. When it’s busy, you’ll be left trying to tame a large group of children while their parents enjoy the powder. It can also be pretty frustrating to spend all your time on the beginner slopes when you’d rather be racing down some expert pistes.

The money is very attractive and so too are the benefits. Overall, it’s a fun job but it certainly isn’t as perfect as some initially think.

Benefits: Lift pass, ski hire and ski apparel

Experience: Ski instructor qualification


If you’re experienced at childcare, you can make a pretty penny while working as a seasonaire. Jobs are usually in short supply so you’ll likely be snapped up quickly. Don’t take this job lightly, you need to be dedicated and have a genuine interest in the job. It can be a highly demanding role.

Benefits: Accommodation often included

Experience: Previous childcare role and/or qualification

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