Ski Weekends and Short Breaks – Maximising your Time

As fun as ski trips always are, it’s difficult to deny there’s often quite the logistical nightmare involved in organising and implementing the trip as a whole. This is why most rarely consider the idea of a short weekend trip to the Alps for example as they feel the upheaval just would not be worth the payoff.

However, if you play your cards right and exercise a little common sense it is perfectly possible and pretty easy to get yourself to the Alps for as little as a couple of days and have the time of your life. It’s all about making the most of what time you have – here’s an introduction to a few tips that could help:

Avoid Peak Season

It’s no secret that when the crowds move into the resorts of the Alps, the lift lines snake out of control and you can end up spending half the day standing in the same spot. The opposite however cannot be said for quieter times when the lifts are empty and you have free run of the place. So if you’re looking to get away for just a couple of days, do yourself a favour and do so out of peak season.


Choose Nearby Airports

Depending on the resort you choose, you could be an hour from your arrival airport or closer to five hours away. It’s not like you’ll ever be able to book a flight directly to the slopes, so be sure to factor in how long it will then take you to get from the airport to your destination. Choose somewhere like SkiWelt for example that’s just 50 minutes from Innsbruck Airport and you can really get a lot out of even the shortest trips.


Rent Gear

It might not be the norm for you, but think seriously about renting the gear you need when you get there. Not only could this save you plenty of money on luggage fees, but you’ll also save yourself valuable time at the airport when you’d normally be waiting for your gear to appear on the carousel. And waiting…and waiting…and waiting some more.


Travel Light

In exactly the same vein, if you’re only going to be away for a few days than there’s no need to pack as if you’re moving to the Alps permanently. If there’s any way you can get away with taking hand-luggage only, do it and save yourself even more money and time.


Book Transfers

And finally, take a good look in advance at the airports serving the resort you’re interested in and make sure you book a transfer in advance. If you try your luck, there’s always the chance that when you arrive at the airport you’ll be stuck waiting for hours on end for a resort transfer bus that might not be a direct service when it finally turns up. So unless you want to waste a good half of your day and end up overpaying for the privilege, always do your homework and book ahead.


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