Sludge Puppies: An Ode to Skiers Who Never Give Up on Winter

Sludge Puppies: An Ode to Skiers Who Never Give Up on Winter

Does summer make you feel empty inside?

You’re not alone. Welcome to powder addicts anonymous. You won’t be judged for your skiing cravings, goggle tans or allegiance to the slopes here.

We salute those who are loyal to their skis all year round! Your dedication to the pistes is something to be celebrated, not frowned upon.

To all the glacier-hunters, year-rounders and snow junkies out there, this one’s for you.

Here’s an ode to skiers who never give up on winter.

You’re Undeterred by Lack of Snow

No snow, no problem!

A true sludge puppy is not only unfazed by a lack of snowfall, but knows how to make it work. Why should half-melted snow put you off your stride?

You’re not picky when it comes to snow! You’ll take what you can get if it means you can be on the slopes. We can only admire this dedication.

Your Willingness to Ski in a T-Shirt

End of season skiing has many perks!

The warmer months give you a great opportunity to shed your thick ski clothes and slip into something a little more comfortable.

Skiers who never give up on winter simply work around the weather. If the sun is shining, t-shirts on the slopes it is!

You Recoil at the Sight of Flip Flops

Skiing addicts dread the phrase ‘summer’s coming!’

It’s not a cause for celebration, but a time of mourning. In fact, it feels like a punch in the gut.

Who wants to trade tearing up the pistes for lying on a tourist-packed beach? Sadly, not many have this opinion!

So, you’re left on your own to defend the slopes to the masses.

We sympathise completely.

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You’re Not Afraid to Sacrifice for the Slopes

While skiing in summer is cheaper, heading to the pistes more than once a year has some inevitable downsides.

But, you’re not afraid to make a few sacrifices! Other holidays, fine dining experiences, hot water… Nothing is off-limits!

We call this dedication ‘inspiring’. Others might disagree. Ignore them.

You’re Not Afraid of Heights

Skiers who never give up on winter know all the tricks of the trade.

Want snow in summer? Head to high altitudes!

Those who claim skiing in summer is impossible clearly gave up too easily. Winter lasts all year at the top of the mountain!

Sludge Puppies: An Ode to Skiers Who Never Give Up on Winter

You Never Really Leave the Slopes

You’re always on the hunt for snow!

Even before your ski holiday finishes, you’re already planning the next one.

You dream of what stunts you can perform next time, which runs you’ll try and washing it all down with a beer at après-ski.

Why limit the thrills of the slopes to the winter months only?

You Embrace the Awkward Tan Lines

Skiing in summer can lead to some less than attractive tan lines.

You can fall victim to burnt noses and goggle tans any time of the year. But, the stakes are higher when it comes to summer skiing!

In our opinion, those who embrace the awkward ski tan are unsung heroes.

You’re Not Afraid to Ski Alone

Convincing others of a summer ski holiday is sometimes a near-impossible task. Some of the weaker skiers are put off by the thought of ‘sludge’.

The solution? Go at it alone!

With solo-skiing, you answer to your own rules and no one else’s. Plus, you’ll be under the sun. What’s not to like?

You Make the Most of Empty Pistes

Late-season skiing means less crowds!

For a powder addict, this is only good news. Why let the empty slopes go to waste?

From less queues at the bar to more space for stunts, the benefits are endless. A bit of sludgy snow seems like a small price to pay!

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