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Three Signs Your Resort Transfer is Dodgy

For want of a better word, there is little escaping the fact that so many of the Geneva Airport transfer services operating today are as dodgy as it gets…plain and simple. Each and every day, dozens of drivers and other charlatans make their way in and around the arrivals hall, looking to take fares from as many naïve and/or desperate travellers as possible and to hell with the consequences. After all, they’re clearly not bothered that they aren’t licensed, insured

Resort Transfer Travel Sickness Tips

There are too many fun and joyous things about a family trip to the French Alps to begin listing – travel sickness is however not one of them. Every year, thousands of families are blighted by bouts of this quite debilitating affliction, which in most cases doesn’t kick in until those final resort transfer services after arriving at the airport. In fact, such is the severity in some instances that even the thought of boarding a coach to head for

Planning a French Alps Car Rental? Points to Consider

While organised airport transfers are the way to go for general resort-hoppers, there is something to be said for hiring a car during a holiday to the French Alps – even if just for a day or two. There are so may incredible resorts, towns and quaint villages within a few hours drive of the major tourist centres, plus it couldn’t be easier to hop over the border into Italy or Switzerland to give the trip an whole new dynamic.

How to Survive an Extended Resort Transfer with Kids

One of the things that never fail to take parents by surprise when taking their kids on holiday is the way in which they seem to be able to pass the time at the airport and on the plane with ease, but things take a turn for the worse as soon as you step on the resort transfer bus. Most likely this is due to the fact that planes and airports are exciting novelties for kids, whereas buses are anything

How to ‘Do’ Megeve for Cheap…Sort of!

Megeve is considered by so many to be the Aspen of the French Alps and indeed the Monaco of the colder climes. Roughly translated for those scratching their heads, Megeve has long been the place to see and be seen, rubbing shoulders with the great and good in the world of skiing, along with the occasional billionaire playboy heading in for the season. As such, even those that have absolutely zero aspiration to join high society and don the most

French Alps Ski Resorts – Family-Friendly or Otherwise?

While there will always be those who view flying down the slopes as something of an adults-only affair, others refuse to deny their children the delights of the French Alps on their annual ski trips. Personally I have to say that I side very much with the latter as within sensible reason I do not think it is ever too early to get the kids involved and build a new passion for life. That being said, I will admit that

How Far does your Insurance Go?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to travel insurance for skiers is not that they don’t take any out, but the way in which so many travel insurance policies don’t actually offer any realistic or useful coverage whatsoever. What so many fail to realise or understand is the way in which there is an epic amount of difference between a standard vacation and ski vacation, at least in the eyes of the insurer. For reasons that are largely

The Importance of Vetting Ski Transfer Providers

When the vast majority of travellers make their ski transfer bookings, they find the first service heading in their general direction with a little help from Google and think nothing more making a commitment. After all, it isn’t exactly rocket-science getting folk and their gear from one place to another, is it? Indeed it is not, which makes it all the more surprising just how frequently transfer operators and companies manage to get things wrong and throw the mother of

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