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The 7 Deadly Sins of a Work Ski Trip

The 7 Deadly Sins of a Work Ski Trip

Managed to convince your boss to pay for a company ski trip? Congratulations. You might have managed to fool them into thinking this trip will be all about office morale and networking, but we all know the truth. Just make sure they don’t find this out. Before setting out on your free holiday full of snow-loads of booze, there are a few things to think about. You have to see these people again on Monday morning, remember! To help you

The Student Ski Holiday Survival Guide

student ski holiday survival guide

Students and skiing are a match made in heaven, much like pizza and French fries. Think of freshers’ week, but up a mountain, and you’ll get what student ski holidays are all about. With lots of early mornings, late nights, and attempting to ski while drunk, student ski holidays can be a tough mission. We’re here to help. Here’s our student ski holiday survival guide. How to Ski on a Budget Students may have the crippling weight of an unpayable

11 Things Only Experienced Skiers Understand

Seasoned skiers are an elite club. Whether you’ve been skiing as long as you’ve been walking, or you simply knew what you were doing the moment you hit the slopes, you’re a legend on the pistes. Being part of this club allows you to see the slopes with fresh eyes. You notice things others would not. The good, the bad, the ugly – nothing is hidden. You’re not alone! Here’s 11 things only experienced skiers understand. Ski Boots Never Get

The 15 Booziest Ski Resorts in the Alps

15 booziest ski resorts in the Alps

The title of ‘booziest resort in the Alps’ is the probably one of highest awards in the ski community. While most people claim they’ve hit the slopes for the enjoyment of skiing, we stick to our belief that the best part of the day is the après-ski. Can you really blame us? If you’re planning your ski-holiday around its bars and clubs, you’ve come to the right place. To try and help you decide where to go, we’ve put together

Locate the most 5 appetizing La Thuile restaurants to taste up your rest in the village

La Thuile is an old mining village in northwest Italy, which attracts its visitors by representing a fabulous ski resort – very attractive for quiet ski slope hunters. Not only the ski resort is suitable for a family skiing vacation, but also the town is full of La Thuile restaurants, bars, shops and other attractions for lively time off. Bottom line is that we won’t allow you heading out there without knowing the best places to pop in for some

Discover why everyone should line up for Zakopane holidays

Zakopane is best known for being the winter capital of Poland. Sure thing it’s popular for tourists but who would have thought that it’s that popular! On top of being the most famous ski resort in Poland, the town also awards each visitor with legendary & culinary treats from the finest Zakopane restaurants! Oh, but there’s more – the contents of Zakopane nightlife will blow you away with its diversity. Anyhow, you certainly have come to the right place if

Where to Find the Best Après-Ski – A Top Five

While tastes may vary, there’s simply no escaping the fact that après-ski is starting to become just as important a consideration for Alpine tourists as the slopes they’ll be spending their days on. It isn’t enough to just revel in the world-class skiing alone – it takes the total package both day and night to really win over an increasingly discerning/demanding clientele year after year. So building on both personal experience and the musings of Alpine regulars, here’s a look