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Sacrifice to Ski: How to Afford a Skiing Holiday on a Low Income

skiing holiday low income

Desperate to head to the slopes? Not sure how to get the cash together? The best things in life cost money, ski holidays included. When it comes to skiing, the only thing standing in the way of you and the pistes is the price tag. But, there are some ways around this! We’ve made it our mission to ensure you can hit the slopes without breaking your budget. Here’s how to afford a skiing holiday on a low income. Lifestyle

The 10 Commandments of the Ski Season

ski commandments

Skiing isn’t all about pints and pistes, there are a few deadly sins to avoid. With so many annoying people on the slopes and petty crimes committed, it’s time to set out some ground rules. We’re not a stickler for law and order, but enough is enough. These are the 10 commandments of the ski season. After all, someone’s got to keep the slopes in check – shame it had to be us! Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbour’s Skis,

The Most Annoying People You’ll Meet at a Ski Resort

stag do skiers

Okay, so we all love to hit the slopes. That’s why you’re here, right? But let’s face it, there are always a select few who know how to grind our gears. Whether you’re sick of stag dos or can’t stand the thought of another person running over your skis in the lift line, it’s time for a little cathartic ranting. Here are the most annoying people you’ll meet at a ski resort. The Wannabe Expert They’ve been skiing a handful

French Ski Transfer Routes From Hell

ski transfer roads

Journeying up a snowy mountain was once a feat in itself. Today, ski transfer companies do this day in, day out to ensure you get to your ski resort with comfort and ease. High quality vehicles, local regulations and well-maintained roads make these journeys simple. Though not all ski transfer routes were born equal. There are some challenging roads out there which can make your transfer journey a little more difficult. Here are some French ski transfer routes from hell.

How to Find a Cheap Ski Transfer

road with snow backdrop

If you’re looking to save money on your ski holiday, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help. From booking your skis online to finding the right accommodation – there are plenty of handy cost cutting tips for skiers. Having said this, we often see the transfer neglected in these discussions. Thankfully, we’re on hand to help. We’ve got some insider tips to help you find a cheap ski transfer. Pick a Short Transfer It makes absolute sense. The shorter the route

Resort Transfer FAQ – Basics, Baggage and Boredom

Nowadays, arranging an airport transfer onward to anywhere across the French Alps really couldn’t be easier, but for the first-timer there are of course plenty of questions to ask. So with those heading to the slopes for the first time, here’s a brief FAQ that should at least help clarify the basics: Should I Book? In a world – yes. The thing about booking in advance is that although it isn’t compulsory by any means, it is the best option

Year-Round Bargains – Reminders on Booking Cheap Transfers

That time of year is well and truly upon us again where nobody has a penny to spare and another year of economising looms menacingly ahead. Of course, none of this will prove enough to put millions off the idea of their annual ski jaunts to the French Alps, but economise they must and search for means to make savings they will. As such, this is probably the best time of the whole year to once again look at some

Renting or Buying Ski Gear – A Choice or a Compromise?

A question that’s plagued a million and one visitors to the French Alps over recent years – to buy and take ski equipment or to rent out the necessary kit at the resort? Well, the rather unfortunate truth is that we’re sadly still no closer to a definitive answer today than we ever were – it all depends where your priorities lie. So, if weighing up whether or not now’s the time to cross the line into fully-fledged ski gear

Warnings Reissued – Never Trust Unlicensed Transfers

It really doesn’t seem to matter how many times the Great British public is warned against it – thousands every year entrust their cash and to some extent their lives to illegitimate and unlicensed resort transfer services from Geneva Airport. Of course, on the surface it can seem like there’s not much to worry about – it’s really just a driver and a bus heading to where you’re going, after all. Sadly, it really isn’t as black and white as

Three Signs Your Resort Transfer is Dodgy

For want of a better word, there is little escaping the fact that so many of the Geneva Airport transfer services operating today are as dodgy as it gets…plain and simple. Each and every day, dozens of drivers and other charlatans make their way in and around the arrivals hall, looking to take fares from as many naïve and/or desperate travellers as possible and to hell with the consequences. After all, they’re clearly not bothered that they aren’t licensed, insured

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