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Discover why everyone should line up for Zakopane holidays

Zakopane is best known for being the winter capital of Poland. Sure thing it’s popular for tourists but who would have thought that it’s that popular! On top of being the most famous ski resort in Poland, the town also awards each visitor with legendary & culinary treats from the finest Zakopane restaurants! Oh, but there’s more – the contents of Zakopane nightlife will blow you away with its diversity. Anyhow, you certainly have come to the right place if

The highest winter sports area in the Alps surrounded by exclusive Matterhorn restaurants!

Matterhorn, also known as Cervino in Italian, is a 4,478 meters high mountain, which separates Switzerland from Italy. Matterhorn is known to be the birthplace of climbing and is famous for being the world’s most iconic mountain! Everyone who visit it, seem to designate a special place on the memory shelf for this perfectly pyramid-shaped image. Is there any wonder it’s the most photographed mountain ever? Matterhorn is not only a perfect gateway to world’s most leading pistes offering 360