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Best Late Season Skiing in Europe & Resort Closing Dates

Late Season Skiing in Europe & Resort Closing Dates

Late season skiing in Europe can be among the best you’ll experience all year. Want to head out to the Alps this March, April or May? It’s more feasible than you think. How about June or July? Not a problem! Whether you’re looking to grab some late powder or hit a summer glacier, we’ve got it covered. When does the ski season end in Europe? We’ll take you through resort by resort and explain which is best for your late

Les Menuires – Pretty On the Inside

No matter what your personal thoughts may be on the architecture of the place, Les Menuires is about as good as it gets when it comes to winter sports. Nicknamed ‘The smile of the French Alps‘ for its questionable overall design and layout, this fully purpose-built town has split critics down the middle from the very start and will in all likelihood continue to do so indefinitely. But let’s be honest, it’s only a select few that head into the

Where to Find the Best Après-Ski – A Top Five

While tastes may vary, there’s simply no escaping the fact that après-ski is starting to become just as important a consideration for Alpine tourists as the slopes they’ll be spending their days on. It isn’t enough to just revel in the world-class skiing alone – it takes the total package both day and night to really win over an increasingly discerning/demanding clientele year after year. So building on both personal experience and the musings of Alpine regulars, here’s a look

Five Unmissable French Alps Hotels

How much importance a skier puts in their choice of hotels when hitting the French Alps of course differs from person to person. However, there’s little denying the fact that there’s really nothing quite like returning home after a day on the slopes to a truly inspiring and downright intoxicating residence that’s clearly been built for more than just functionality. Of course, there’s plenty to be said for the mainstay built-for-purpose tower blocks and the likes of the busiest resorts,

Why Grenoble is Five-Times an Awesome Winter Hotspot

The summer is once again about to beat a hasty retreat and take with it the kind of weather that delights millions and infuriates ski-heads. Yes, the cold weather might mean a lot of negative things to a lot of people, but for those intending on heading to the Alps for their annual dose of shredding, it’s all good times ahead! But here’s the thing – instead of heading to the same haunts year after year after year, why not