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Why Not to Take Chances with Unauthorised Resort Transfers

Geneva Airport has sadly not proved immune to the growing global problem of unauthorised taxi drivers, transfer operators and general touts operating outside arrivals and looking to pick up the business of travellers. Returning after an admittedly peak-season Christmas trip to Megeve many travellers can say without hesitation that they have never in all their travels to the French Alps seen so many resort transfer services never heard of before and frankly always run a mile from. However it cannot

Swiss Vs French – Which Side of Geneva Airport Should You Rent a Car From?

Here’s a question asked thousands of times every year – is it better to rent a car from the Swiss side of Geneva Airport or outside the other exit in France? A Unique Position There really is no airport in the world quite like Geneva – it’s the only transport hub that exists in both France and Switzerland. The vast majority of flights land on the Swiss side, which also happens to be the largest part of the airport by

A Half-Day at Lake Geneva – Why Not Escape the Airport?

No matter which way you look at it, Geneva Airport is a million miles from the world’s most exciting place…not that any airport is any different. It’s a great place to while away an hour or two, but when plans change and schedules conflict, passing six, seven or even 12 hours in Geneva Airport can feel like a lifetime. So here’s a suggestion from the pros – why not stop moaning about the horrors of your delays and make the

Three Reasons to Hit Geneva Airport Before the Slopes

Anyone looking to hit the French Alps in the foreseeable future will probably find they are rather spoilt for choice when it comes to the airports they could use as their primary hub. There’s Lyon, Grenoble, Chambery and Annecy to name just a few serving the area, but chances are that if you ask anyone in the know or that’s being heading to this neck of the woods for a while, they’ll tell you to head to Geneva as first

Short Ski Breaks from Geneva Airport

There are two huge advantages that come with choosing Geneva Airport as your arrival hub for an Alpine adventure. First of all there’s the fact that so many of Europe’s best…or at least cheapest…budget airlines offer routes to Geneva Airport all year-round, meaning no matter when you’re looking to go you’ll not have to overpay for the privilege. And as far as the second benefit goes, Geneva just happens to be enviably positioned near some of the best ski resorts

The Best Resorts Within Easy Reach of Geneva Airport

It’s all well and good for folks heading to the French Alps for a fortnight, but what about those of us with just a few days to spare? Or maybe no more than a weekend? Sit in Geneva Airport and watch the happy arrivals trot off to their extended stays, or vow to make the most of every second and hit the slopes as quickly as possible? Well, we know which of the two we’d choose and figured you’d opt

Guaranteed Snow Near Geneva – Where to Go

A ski holiday with no snow is a bit like a beach holiday in the centre of a busy city – it’s just not going to work! Sadly, while sunseekers know exactly where to find the sea and the sand all year round, we don’t share the same privilege when it comes to snow. We might search far and wide, but guarantees are thin on the ground…if you’ll pardon the pun. However, thanks to some of the experienced globe-trotters out