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Grenoble By the Locals – Hidden Hotspots and Joyous Jewels

Grenoble – a word that to most people means nothing more than an airport and perhaps the gateway to the French Alps. Not that this is difficult to understand – millions of people pass through Grenoble Airport every year with nothing on their collective minds than dreams of powdery slopes and boozy off-piste activities served up across the Alps. The thing is though, what about 99% of these people also have in common is the way in which they rob

Why Grenoble is Five-Times an Awesome Winter Hotspot

The summer is once again about to beat a hasty retreat and take with it the kind of weather that delights millions and infuriates ski-heads. Yes, the cold weather might mean a lot of negative things to a lot of people, but for those intending on heading to the Alps for their annual dose of shredding, it’s all good times ahead! But here’s the thing – instead of heading to the same haunts year after year after year, why not