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How to Survive a Delay in Munich Airport

It would always be better if you could snap your fingers and forego the journey home after a ski break. It’s bad enough that you’re tired, achy and desperately trying to find an excuse not to go back to work the next day – the last thing on Earth you want right now is a delay. Sadly, there isn’t an airport in the world that’s immune to the odd ‘hiccup’ here and there – Munich being no exception. But the

Ski Daytrips from Munich – Easier Than You’d Think!

Here’s a shocker – did you ever realise you can get yourself from Munich Airport to some of the most amazing ski slopes in the Alps and back again in the space of a single day?If for any reason you happen to be in the Munich area and have a couple of days or even just a single day to spare, there’s nothing to stop you from making the most of all the stunning German Alps have to offer. And