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11 Must-Visit 2018 Ski Festivals

ski festivals

Love festivals but hate sleeping in a tent? Without doubt, ski festivals are the best of both worlds. Ski during the day, and glide straight into a concert after your last run. For those who can’t wait to trade their muddy wellies for mountains, here are 11 must-visit 2018 ski festivals. Remember – drinking hits you harder at high altitudes. We consider this more of a challenge than a warning. 11. Zermatt Unplugged, Switzerland (10th – 14th April) At Zermatt

The 15 Booziest Ski Resorts in the Alps

15 booziest ski resorts in the Alps

The title of ‘booziest resort in the Alps’ is the probably one of highest awards in the ski community. While most people claim they’ve hit the slopes for the enjoyment of skiing, we stick to our belief that the best part of the day is the après-ski. Can you really blame us? If you’re planning your ski-holiday around its bars and clubs, you’ve come to the right place. To try and help you decide where to go, we’ve put together

The Best Ski Resorts for Beginners – Articles

Beginners skiing on simple runs

So you’re a beginner to skiing? You need to find the right resort. Some runs are just too challenging for the less experienced. Thankfully, there are plenty of resorts out there that cater to those who are just starting out on the slopes. We’ve scoured the internet to find top articles from independent and credible publishers on the best ski resorts for beginners. Here’s a brief synopsis of each alongside the key takeaways. The Best European Ski Resorts for Beginners

The Cheapest Ski Resorts in Europe Articles

Picture of Alpine Ski Slopes and Chair Lifts

Want a ski holiday on a budget? Don’t have time to research all the possible locations? Don’t panic, we’ve done all the work for you. We’ve curated all the best articles on the cheapest ski resorts in Europe from the most credible sources and independent publishers. We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to! 10 Cheap Ski Resorts: In the Shadow of Giants – The Guardian This article claims the best way to hit the slopes on a

Wanna Fly & Ski? Just Heli Ski!

Heli Skiing Basics Heli-skiing is off-trail, downhill skiing or snowboarding that is accessed by a helicopter, as opposed to a ski lift. It began in the late 50s or early 60s in Alaska: the skiers board the helicopter and are lifted off and carried to a landing zone on the mountain. The guide or helicopter crew members load the skis and poles into an exterior basket. Helicopters land at the top of runs; skiers do not jump from the helicopter.

Top 10 early season ski resorts in Europe

This is our pick of the most reliable European resorts for a pre-Christmas break. In no particular order… 1. Val d’Isère/Tignes, France With slope heights ranging from 1850 to 2100 meters above sea level, Val d’Isère and Tignes have perpetually been rated as few of the best ski resorts in the Alps for an early break. Even if it hasn’t snowed, each resort has its own glacier, so some action is certainly guaranteed during this part of the year too.

Top Five Zurich Attractions to Beat the Airport Blues

Nobody likes the idea of having to kill the best part of a day in an airport, but at the same time we seem so unwilling to stray beyond its confines to find some fun. Check out Zurich Airport for example – despite being the largest city in all of Switzerland, it often seems like most folk don’t even realise there’s more on offer here than just the airport itself. So if you happen to find yourself facing a few

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