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How to Survive a Delay in Munich Airport

It would always be better if you could snap your fingers and forego the journey home after a ski break. It’s bad enough that you’re tired, achy and desperately trying to find an excuse not to go back to work the next day – the last thing on Earth you want right now is a delay. Sadly, there isn’t an airport in the world that’s immune to the odd ‘hiccup’ here and there – Munich being no exception. But the

Munich, Gateway to the Alps – Does Bargain Bavaria Exist?

Without a shadow of doubt, Munich is one of the most stunning places in the whole of Europe to access and make the very best of the Alps. The scenery of Munich alone is worth the airfare and once you’re in town, you’re so close to some of the best skiing in the world. We provide fast and convenient transfers to the bulk of the very best ski destinations within easy reach of Munich Airport, but this is the kind