The Idiot’s Handbook to Off-Piste Skiing

The Idiot's Handbook to Off-Piste Skiing

Adrenaline junkie? Fancy pushing your skills to the limit? Or are you simply bored of the same old slopes?

Luckily for you, someone out there invented off-piste skiing. Why stick to the regular slopes when you could go off the beaten track?

Apparently, this mode of skiing is a bit tougher than your average red run. So, there are a few things to watch out for when swapping the well-groomed pistes for tough terrain. But, some people still choose to ignore their sense of judgement.

Here’s the idiot’s handbook to off-piste skiing.

Ignore the Weather

Step one in the idiot’s handbook to off piste skiing? Ignoring the weather.

When venturing into the off-piste abyss, checking weather warnings and avalanche threats is a must. Off-piste is a different world compared to the well-groomed slopes you’re used to!

Safety should be your top priority when going off-piste. The weather can dramatically change your day for the worse.

Checking the weather forecast will take about two minutes at most, so there’s no excuse.

Start Showing Off

Going off piste is for experienced skiers only. But, if you’re lacking a few brain cells, it might be tempting to start showing off.

Save your stunts for the slopes! Off-piste terrain won’t make the softest landing if you misjudge a trick. Plus, if nothing else, you risk embarrassing yourself.

Do it Drunk

Without doubt, après is the best part of a ski holiday. But, it’s called ‘après’ for a reason

What’s a disastrous recipe for off-piste skiing? Tough terrain and a drunk skier.

You’ll need your wits about you on when going off-piste!

Use the Longest Poles You Can Find

Shorter poles are better for off piste skiing.

Longer poles might be a godsend on the slopes, but remember, off-piste isn’t the same. Try to adapt to the terrain you’re on.

Size matters!

Pack Light

Forgetting about the essentials like a transceiver and a map is never a good idea. Be prepared for all outcomes!

These items might make your bag a bit heavier, but it’s a small price to pay.

If you think you can tackle the off-piste terrain without the right equipment, you’re wrong!

Don’t Eat or Drink

‘A rumbling stomach is exactly what a skier needs when going off piste’ said no one ever.

You need fuel for skiing, and off-piste is no exception.

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Forget Your Phone

Leaving your phone behind is a good idea when going off-piste, right? Wrong!

Always prepare for the worst! We call this ‘forward-thinking’ and ‘sensible’. These are two ingredients that make for the best off-piste skiers.

Ignore the Terrain Ahead

Hidden stones, icy patches and trees are all minor inconveniences that don’t require your full attention. What could possibly go wrong by ignoring what’s in front of you?

Many things, in fact. You might not find a tree in your path on your average blue slope, but you’re not on an average blue slope.

Keep your eyes peeled for any potential dangers!

Go Alone

What’s a bright idea when heading off-piste? Trying to brave it alone.

Incorrect! If you’re a keen solo-skier, you might have to temporarily lose your lone wolf mentality while going off-piste. You can go back to tearing up the pistes alone when you’re back on familiar ground.

It might seem like a strange place to be sociable, but you’ll be grateful for the company.

The idiot's handbook to off-piste skiing

Go Without a Guide

It can’t be that difficult to navigate off-piste terrain, right?

Wrong! A guide will allow you to fully take advantage of the off-piste terrain, while keeping you and your group safe. It’s a win-win!

Don’t Practice on Easier Slopes Beforehand

You’ve been skiing before, you know what you’re doing. Why waste time warming up your muscles or getting yourself used to your skis again?

Well, the answer to that is that if it’s been a while since your first skiing holiday, you might be a bit rusty. So, it’s not the best idea to try and tackle the off-piste terrain straight away.

We admire your dedication, however this dedication might be bordering on stupidity. Give yourself a chance to get to grips with your skis again!

Wear Poorly Fitting Boots

There are rumours that off-piste skiing takes more of a toll on your feet than regular skiing.

This is unsurprising, when you remember that off-piste terrain presents much more of a challenge than your usual slopes.

Ski boots can be uncomfortable at the best of times. Always wear the right gear!

Skip the Off-Piste Lessons

Why spend your money and time on the knowledge that comes with ski lessons?

The answer to this is because off-piste requires you to learn (and unlearn) a few skiing techniques. If you hope to become a master of off-piste terrain, lessons are probably a good idea.

Repeat Bad Habits

Lean back as much as you can. Spray others with snow. Make Z shapes. Off-piste is the place where the usual rules don’t apply!

Wrong! In fact, your bad habits will get you in more trouble than usual. You might be able to get away with leaning back on a blue run, but not off-piste. Posture is important!

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