The Importance of Vetting Ski Transfer Providers

When the vast majority of travellers make their ski transfer bookings, they find the first service heading in their general direction with a little help from Google and think nothing more making a commitment. After all, it isn’t exactly rocket-science getting folk and their gear from one place to another, is it?

Indeed it is not, which makes it all the more surprising just how frequently transfer operators and companies manage to get things wrong and throw the mother of all spanners in the works. The trouble is, holidaymakers visiting the French Alps fall into the trap of thinking they’re pretty much there once they arrive at Geneva Airport, when this really isn’t so. In fact, overlook the importance of booking a safe and reliable transfer and therefore ever chances of the trip getting off on entirely the wrong foot, or perhaps not getting off at all.

So, if wondering if it’s really worth the effort of background-checking ski resort transfers providers before booking, give though to the following:


What’s worse that arriving at the Airport at the most ungodly hour after taking the only stupendously cheap off-peak flight the family could afford? The answer – turning up to find that resort transfer service has been either cancelled, delayed by several hours or decided to leave early without you. This is a sure fire means by which to see any ski holiday ripped apart at the seams and can be easily avoided by only ever booking with those capable of delivering flawless punctuality with the track record to prove it – never risk leaving yourself high and dry.


In a similar vein to the above, it’s little use getting on the road only for the decrepit and rusty bus you’re on to clap out halfway between the airport and resort you’re heading to, but this is something that happens WAY too often. Not even the best ski resort transfer service can predict the future, but they can improve their reliability records by offering nothing but the most modern and well-maintained vehicles on the market – it’s up to you to find out.


In a nutshell, if they aren’t insured to the highest level, then you are putting yourself, your family and your possessions at risk by travelling with the…end of story.


Next, why travel in a freezing cold, damp, dark, noisy, cramped and generally unhealthy bus when there are state-of-the-art, fully equipped and frankly luxurious options operating for the same price? Never be fooled into trusting the company’s logo on the website – instead be sure to check out the vehicles they actually offer and thus rule-out arriving with a nasty crick in your neck and a touch of hypothermia.


Nobody speaks the truth about any given business like its past and present clients and customers, so be sure to never, ever overlook the importance of feedback when checking out the transfer services available.


Last but not least, if an airport resort transfer service is unwilling to offer any guarantees as to their service, quality, punctuality and so on…why is this? Most of the top-end providers offer these assurances as standard, so why should any other not be able to do the same?

Why indeed…?