Three Reasons to Hit Geneva Airport Before the Slopes

Anyone looking to hit the French Alps in the foreseeable future will probably find they are rather spoilt for choice when it comes to the airports they could use as their primary hub. There’s Lyon, Grenoble, Chambery and Annecy to name just a few serving the area, but chances are that if you ask anyone in the know or that’s being heading to this neck of the woods for a while, they’ll tell you to head to Geneva as first choice, if at all possible.

So, why is this generally the recommendation given the fact that some other airports are closer to the action? There are in fact three reasons why Geneva Airport always makes a good first-choice when heading to the French Alps, which are as follows:

Superb Resort Connections

Right off the bat, while Geneva Airport might not be quite as close to certain resorts as some of its neighbouring airports, it’s fair to say that there are none that offer quite as bountiful or high-quality resort transfer and connection services. To arrive at Geneva Airport is pretty much to put each and every one of the French Alps’ finest and most popular resorts right on your doorstep, which can be reached with ease by the private or shared transfers that operate almost all year-round. The French side of Geneva Airport offers immediate access to some of the fastest and most fluid motorways in all of Europe and makes the onward journey a piece of cake, no matter where you’re going.

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Abundant Routes

Next up, Geneva is by far the most heavily served airport in the region as far as airline routes and carriers go. This in turn means that when looking to get in or out of the French Alps at any time if the year, it’s relatively safe to assume that the vast majority of major cities across Europe and beyond will be connected with Geneva Airport. And of course, with more services and more budget carriers comes the added bonus of cheaper seats, which means that even at the busiest times of the year it’s likely that Geneva Airport will be the cheapest point of entry and exit you’ll find.
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Built to Cope

Last but not least, Geneva Airport’s status as the most popular and thus busiest in the region has led to enormous and ongoing development of the airport as a whole, to ensure it is able to cope with the enormous influx of passengers during peak season. What this translates to for the visitor is an airport that is mercifully low on reported delays, holdups and the kind of queues that never fail to put a dampener on both the beginning and the end of an otherwise superb ski holiday. What’s more, no airport comes close to Geneva when it comes to the amenities pretty much thrown at new arrivals including car hire, accommodation booking and resort transfer services the likes of which can make the whole getting-to-where-you-need-to-be process infinitely easier and more affordable.


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