Three Signs Your Resort Transfer is Dodgy

For want of a better word, there is little escaping the fact that so many of the Geneva Airport transfer services operating today are as dodgy as it gets…plain and simple. Each and every day, dozens of drivers and other charlatans make their way in and around the arrivals hall, looking to take fares from as many naïve and/or desperate travellers as possible and to hell with the consequences. After all, they’re clearly not bothered that they aren’t licensed, insured or perhaps even capable of driving on the icy mountain roads, right?

Wrong…they should be bothered and very bothered indeed!

The trouble is, it’s difficult to take anything at face-value these days and in the spirit of not judging a book by its covers, knowing whom to trust and stay away from is difficult at first glance alone. However, there are a few tell-tale signs that the transfer provider you’re about to side with is a little on the questionable side, so if intent on taking the less recommended approach of just rocking-up on the day, at least keep the following three danger signs in mind:

1 – Language Barriers

Of course, you can’t expect everyone on the other side of the Channel to speak English, but any reputable transfer provider worthy of your trust really should ensure that all staff members and drivers can communicate with their passengers. This is vital not only for reasons of convenience, but also health and safety. As such, if looking for a transfer service at Geneva Airport and approached/led-off by a person that cannot offer even a word or two in your mother tongue, just think how things will spiral out of hand if anything untoward were to occur. Or in other words, move on.

2 – No Desk

There will always be dozens of transfer providers and drivers milling about in the arrivals lounge, but any that have a genuine and permanent residency at the airport itself will have either a dedicated desk or a stand…some way of getting in touch with a rep before hopping on board. This isn’t to say for certain that every single other driver without a desk in the arrivals hall is dodgy, but one of the best ways of ruling said dodginess out is to only every trust those that are clearly there for the long-haul in an official capacity. True, you might have to be willing to queue for a while in order to bag a ticket from one of the desks in the hall, but there is a reason why these desks have queues in the first place – they are your safest and cheapest bets by far.

3 – Decrepit Vehicles

Last but not least and not to mention the biggest no-brainer of them all, modern transfer services operating from Geneva Airport are of a standard like never before and the days of rusty, rickety and downright terrifying old buses and vehicles are mercifully gone once and for all. Well, that is of course unless handing money over to the dodgiest of drivers in the arrivals hall and summarily being led-out to a car or bus that looks like (and probably is) being held together by spit and Kleenex! Roughly translated – always ask to see the vehicle before handing over a penny. They should after all be proud to show you, right?