Top Five Zurich Attractions to Beat the Airport Blues

Nobody likes the idea of having to kill the best part of a day in an airport, but at the same time we seem so unwilling to stray beyond its confines to find some fun. Check out Zurich Airport for example – despite being the largest city in all of Switzerland, it often seems like most folk don’t even realise there’s more on offer here than just the airport itself.

So if you happen to find yourself facing a few hours of nothingness at Zurich airport – maybe your flight times didn’t quite match your transfer times – hop on a bus or tram into town and check out the following five top picks:


Undoubtedly the list topper for most visitors to Zurich, the Old Town or Altstadt to call it by its official handle really is the Zurich you’ll take home in your memories. The quaint cobblestone alleys seem to have been transported right out of a different time – which to some extent they have. It’s a largely unspoilt relic from times gone by, with so any treasures to take in like Marc Chagall’s stained glass windows and the amazing Lindenhof square – the perfect place to lose a few hours people-watching. The Old Town also happens to be the place to head for anyone looking to visit a museum – some of the country’s finest including the Swiss National Museum can be found here.


Chinese Garden

Kunming presented a token of gratitude and friendship to Zurich in the form of the quite gorgeous Chinese Garden – well worth a look at when in the city for a few hours or so. It’s amazing how despite the not exactly large nature of the garden, you feel so fully immersed in its interior that you might just forget you’re actually in Europe at all.


Le Corbusier

If you find yourself at the Chinese Garden, it would be a shame not to check out Le Corbusier house which is pretty nearby. A building that strays from the conventional, it was the work of one Charles-Édouard Jeanneret who remains the country’s most important architect of the 20th century.


Lakeside Promenade

Lake Zurich is unsurprisingly the tourist magnet of the city…and rightly so. Head over to the Lakeside Promenade and you pretty much have your whole day covered if the weather is on your side. From wonderful walks to perfect people-watching to skating to shopping from street vendors and so much more, this is the spot that brings together all there is to love about Zurich with the quite spectacular backdrop of the Alps in the distance.


Rietberg Museum

And finally, the villa that plays home to the Rietberg Museum is worthy of a visit in its own right – a two-century old masterpiece that’s one of the most iconic structures in the city. It’s a wholly international affair on the interior, where the permanent exhibit showcases important works and artefacts from South America, Africa, Asia and more. You can even get a first-hand look at what life was life in ancient Nigeria, once known as the Yoruba city of Ife.


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