Warnings Reissued – Never Trust Unlicensed Transfers

It really doesn’t seem to matter how many times the Great British public is warned against it – thousands every year entrust their cash and to some extent their lives to illegitimate and unlicensed resort transfer services from Geneva Airport. Of course, on the surface it can seem like there’s not much to worry about – it’s really just a driver and a bus heading to where you’re going, after all. Sadly, it really isn’t as black and white as this and while there are far more complex things on Earth than a ski resort transfer service, the horror stories that surface every year from those being duped are nothing to laugh at.

So, if among those wondering what all the fuss is really about, give thought to the following:

Unlicensed = Uninsured

Should you stray by accident or otherwise into an unlicensed cab, there is absolutely no way on God’s green Earth that they will be insured to carry you, which in turn renders your insurance policy null and void…period. From literally the moment you step on board until the moment you leave in one piece with all your belongings…hopefully…you and your family are 100% on your own in terms of your safety. And it really doesn’t matter if you try and plead the ignorance or naivety cards – insurers will not be interested and anything that comes to pass is your fault and your fault alone. A risk worth taking with your family?

Unlicensed = Inexperienced

True, you can’t judge any driver simply by looking at him/her, but chances are that any airport transfer drivers operating without proper licenses will not have had the necessary training and experience to prepare them for carrying passengers on icy mountain roads. There is a very good reason why it takes a special license to carry folk on their way – it takes real skill, education and hard work to perfect the art and not endanger the lives of everyone on board. Something that should really not bear thinking about, especially when combined with a distinct lack of insurance validity.

Unlicensed = Unfit Vehicles

Moving on, the vehicles and buses used by licensed and registered Geneva Airport transfer services are regularly and thoroughly inspected, serviced and replaced with newer models. By contrast, those with no real desire to keep up with the industry due to carrying no licenses or certification could be using the kind of vehicles that have no safe place on a smooth and level tarmac road – certainly not a steep and icy mountain road. Again, it is a simply matter of health and safety and whether you’re willing to put your family’s life at risk.

Unlicensed = No Guarantees

Last but not least, if using an illegitimate transfer provider that decides not to both taking you where you wanted to be or perhaps doesn’t pick you up at all for your return leg, what are you going to do? Who are you going to call? Who’s going to hear your complaint? And do you think your insurer will be even remotely interested? Of course not – peace of mind is priceless, so don’t go throwing it away on silly and pointless ventures!