Where to look for cheap ski holidays?

Most of us will have to find a very cheap ski holiday deal this year. Much is published in the national press on which are the best ski resorts, where to get the best deals and what country offers the best value? You can’t help thinking that each season the papers just trying to find a new take on some old stories, plugging the same old ski resorts and the same old ski travel operators, regardless? This year the ‘flavour of the month’ seems to be Austria. Sure, you will find good value deals in Austria, but you will also find very limited capacity, longer walks to ski lifts and less frequent flights to nearby gateway airports than to France and Italy for example.

Forget the latest recommendations of nation newspaper travel sections. Most journalists get paid by travel operators and ski resorts to write their articles. Most writers also do far too little research to speak with any authority on how to get cheap ski holidays. Don’t rely on the journalists, do your own research. If you want to, you can get a good deal in most ski domains.  The trick is to look a little harder for flights, ski accommodation and ski transfers and keep down what you pay without compromising too much on what you get.

Sure, the top French ski resorts such as Courchevel and Val d’Isère can be very expensive. Yes, Swiss ski resorts that can be regarded as a bargain, are hard to come by. However you can’t just assume that ski holidays are cheaper in Austria, Italy or Bulgaria. There are bargains to be had anywhere in the Alps as well as in resorts which are part of major domain and have reliable snow records. You just have to look for it.

French resorts have dominated the British ski holiday market for two decades. But many British skiers just end up in the best know, often most expensive resorts such as Val D’Isere, Chamonix and Meribel. Why not explore alternatives?  Take Tignes for example where you will get the same skiing as Val D’Isere (both resorts share the Espace Killy ski area), but you will pay less for your accommodation in Tignes.

Instead of Chamonix, you can visit the neighbour resort of St Gervais where your ski pass will cost you half the price and accommodation is cheaper too. St Gervais is connected to Megeve with the linked skiing areas of Rochebrune and Mont d’Arbois, from where you got much better views over the Mt Blanc than from Chamonix.  Both St Gervais and Megeve, one of France’s oldest and most chic ski resort, boasts a combination of rustic charm and sophisticated nightlife.

Why pay Meribel or Courchevel prices? Try Brides Les Bains, the historical Spa towns that doubles up as ski resorts with direct access to the world’s largest ski area. Brides Les Bains offers Trois Vallées skiing without the usual high prices of a major resort and also without the crowds. There is a high speed gondola which takes you to the resort of Meribel at 1450m in less than 25 min, right in the centre of   Trois Vallées.

At Ski Transfer  Finder we believe that you can go skiing on the cheap without taking a risk on you skiing experience. Pick a fringe resort that connects to a major ski resort. Book some self-catering ski accommodation from one of the many portals on the Internet. You will have no problems to find a cheap airport transfer from one of the many gateway airports served by one of the no thrills airlines. You wil be surprised how cheap your ski holiday could be.