Why Cauterets holidays are the most suitable for families?

Cauterets is a retro mountain village in French Pyrenees which have been noted for its famous thermal springs and mountain ski resort, with some pretty nice snow record in the past years! Still, alongside all that bathing and skiing, the village also offers enjoyable Cauterets restaurants with some glamourous Michelin’s and splendid French classics hidden in its sleeve! Follow up with our guide on the best Cauterets restaurants to get the most out of Cauterets holidays!


Plate of local goods as a living tradition in various Cauterets restaurants!

Safe to say that Cauterets really has that charm that is lacking in other parts of France, and Cauterets restaurants are not an exception! Below we list the most treasured Cauterets restaurants – each different from the previous for the ultimate experience:

  • L’Abri du Benques is one of the limited Cauterets restaurants, which has been awarded by the Michelin’s Guide. Lying in the foothills of the mountains, this place serves modern cuisine;
  • Whereas chocolate factory Refuge des Sens is more fitting if you’re traveling together with the children! All homemade goodies are available in 40 different kinds to pick from! What’s not to love?;
  • Finally, while we’re still at French classics, La Ferme Basque gives nothing but the local! This beautiful Cauterets restaurant has earned many references in the gastronomic guides thanks to its authentic flavours and superb location!

Source: http://www.lafermebasque.ca/




























































What happens after a nice French meal? Thirst begins to take over! A neat glass of wine it’s like a cherry on top! That’s why keep on reading our guide on the best bars & pubs offered by Cauterets nightlife!



Cauterets nightlife takes it easy offering quality instead!

Cauterets nightlife in one word can be described as low-key, though excitement can be found even in the calmest place on the earth! Here are our tip-offs on the best taprooms in Cauterets:

  • In La Cheeserie you’ll lay hands on cheese, cheese, and nothing but the cheese! Okay, maybe a little wine from the local vineyards too! You cannot get more French than this;
  • As opposite to sophistication, Royalty is more a chill-out pizza place wrapped around the easygoing atmosphere and live music playing in the outdoors. Besides, it’s one of the rare pubs who still is ready to accommodate large parties for some late night drinks;
  • Last but not the least, right in the center you’ll hear some good laughs coming out from Café Le Commerce! Beer & tapas or tapas & beer? Whatever you choose, you won’t regret coming here!

Cauterets might be one of the most suitable resorts for families of all time! Even the dining facilities and Cauterets nightlife seem to be family-welcoming! Can’t deny though – the village itself has some impressive old-style buildings and woody charm!








































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