Why Skiing Doesn’t Have to Be a Rich Person’s Sport

skiing not rich

Heli-skiing, luxury chalets, celebrity followings – it’s unsurprising skiing has a pricey reputation.

But, is this reputation somewhat unfair? Sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

With plenty of booze, pizza and French fries, skiing isn’t all about overpriced coffee and expensive lift passes.

Here’s why skiing doesn’t have to be a rich person’s sport.

Skiing Has a Huge Following

Skiing has a large fan-base, simple as that.

If it’s a sport only reserved for the very rich, why are programmes like Ski Sunday so popular?

Plus, you only have to look at the popularity of the Winter Olympics to see how the entire world fangirls for skiing.

These fans aren’t only those born with a silver spoon in their mouth. From adrenaline junkies to stag dos, skiing appeals to a wide audience.

You only have to look closely at the mountain to see the variety of skiers. Directly next to a self-appointed professional with all the latest gear is a university student trying to work out which way is down with a hangover. There’s something for everyone!

It’s Not the New Golf

Skiing appeals to families and ski bums, students and professionals alike.

So, while ‘rich person’s sports’ like golf have become exclusive and unbearable, skiing shouldn’t go down this dark path. We’ll revolt if it does.

While golf has ‘private members’ clubs’ and a following that includes the likes of Donald Trump, skiing has the fun factor. You’d never hear ‘pizza’ or ‘French fry’ used to describe a golf swing.

Thanks to things like après-ski and ski festivals, skiing won’t simply become a recreational activity for the rich. Once again, booze has saved the day. Skiing will never be as refined as the likes of golf, thankfully.


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There Are Ways to Ski on a Budget

Skiing has a pricey reputation, there’s no denying that.

But, surprising as it may be, those without a trust fund can still enjoy all the joys of après-ski and snow. Why should life’s pleasures be reserved for the rich?

So, here are a few money-saving hacks to see you living the high life without the price tag. While we assume any money you manage to save will then be spent at the bar, it’s worth a shot.

Go at the Right Time

When talking about saving money, when you go travelling is as important as where you go. Think ‘off-peak’ and you’ll get the idea.

Staying away from travelling in the school holidays has many perks.

Most importantly, you’ll get to avoid children. But, not only this, prices will fall dramatically during off-peak times. It’s a win-win!

If you can’t completely avoid the holidays, skiing later on in the year will leave your wallet much fuller! Here’s a little secret: Easter is cheaper than half term. Don’t tell anyone.

Watch What You Eat

You are what you eat, and you’re not made of money.

While some skiers may eat lavish three-course meals in a glitzy slope-side restaurant, this isn’t required of everyone. Embrace the packed lunch.

Venture further out to some smaller local restaurants to find cheaper prices. You might miss out on the best views, but you can’t have everything.

Beg, Borrow and Smile

Don’t buy your ski gear, borrow it all.

Got any rich friends who have been skiing as long as they’ve been walking? Use them!

You’ll look like a pro without having to pay a single penny.

Take some hints from ski bums and try to wrangle as much free stuff as you can. Insider tip: smiling helps.

Mind Where You Sleep

Expensive accommodation isn’t all that’s on offer!

You’ll find plenty of hostels and hotels available. If skiing doesn’t turn its nose up at a hostel, neither can you.

Or, just don’t book any accommodation at all! There are plenty of floors to sleep on. Or, if you’re lucky, someone else’s bed.

Don’t Be Flash at the Bar

We’re all too aware of how tempting it is to keep buying rounds at the bar.

While some would suggest the best way to save money is to avoid après-ski altogether, we’ll ignore them. Everything’s about moderation.

The après-ski doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re only buying for one!

Book Early or Late

Get in there early. This one sounds obvious, but with skiing, the early bird really does catch the worm.

But, if you’re someone who leaves everything until the last minute, you might actually be doing your wallet a favour also.

Many tour operators and airlines will drop their prices at the last minute. So, always be on the lookout for any deals.

Open to All

With skiing, beginners are welcome. Skiing is addictive – fact!

As annoying as the crowds of pocked-sized skiers can be, they’re tolerable at a distance.

While other ‘wealthy people’s sports’ like yachting are out of bounds to most, skiing isn’t so pretentious. Everyone is welcome, within reason. Except those who run over your skis in the lift queue.

Encouraging youngsters to get on the slopes is a passion of Team GB’s James Woods. The goal is to get everyone pizza and French-frying, not just the wealthy.

The Transfers are Affordable

With skiing, the transfer to and from the airport needn’t be expensive. If you’re looking for a cheap transfer, we’ve got you covered. Simply enter your details and we’ll show you the best quotes around. Find your low-cost transfer here.